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Five Elcom Features to Consider for 2013

Date Posted: Wednesday, 19 December 2012 23:32
Posted By: Implementation Staff

Wow, 2012 has been a huge year at Elcom. We have been expanding our global footprint with our offices, as well as seeing some fantastic partners and clients join the Global Elcom Community. As we move into 2013, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight just five of the many features you should consider for 2013.

With so many amazing product enhancements and additional modules, it was a challenge to bring the list down to five, and while there are many more I wanted to add to this list, I wanted to keep it just to five. There are many more I am sure I will add as follow-ups to this post as we start 2013.

So here we go…

  1. Designing for Mobile – we all know about the increasing popularity of the Mobile Web. The elcomCMS makes it easy for you to build a Mobile Friendly website. With the elcomCMS Mobile Module, you can target specific devices and ensure that the user has the experience that you want for the device that they are on. You can easily apply different masterpages and templates for different devices. Thinking of Responsive Design? No worries, the elcomCMS also makes it easy for you to build a site with responsive design. Whatever your mobile needs are, the elcomCMS can support you.

    Elcom Mobile
  2. A Beautiful User Experience – this year we released elcomCMS version 8, which included a completely revamped User Interface. When you implement a CMS, the idea is to ensure that you users are provided with a beautiful user experience, that encourages them to use the product. We have always prided ourselves on working hard to ensure that our clients have the best user experience, because that in turn, leads to an increased rate of user adoption of the elcomCMS in the organization. There were many other fantastic features and enhancements in elcomCMS 8 including in-line editing, real time search and additional modules.

    elcomCMS 8 Dashboard
  3. Making your website, intranet and portal more Social – in 2012, Social in the Enterprise became mainstream and we are proud to have released some really cool Social Functionality in the elcomCMS. The elcomCMS Social Module helps you build corporate social communities on your websites, intranets and portals. You can now easily create User Profile pages, connect to other users, join groups and create workspaces in the elcomCMS. There are so many benefits including building brand advocacy, increasing communication & collaboration, knowledge sharing and employee effectiveness. You can also integrate the elcomCMS Social Module with Microsoft Office Communicator (Lync) for real-time internal messaging. The elcomCMS lets you create a site that is now truly social.Elcom Social Microblogging

  4. Managing all your sites with elcomCMS Multisite management – enterprises are continuing to see the benefits of consolidating their site management with the elcomCMS. The elcomCMS Multisite makes it easy for you to manage all your websites, intranets, portals and eLearning sites through the same instance and deployment. You can then easily share information, content and assets between sites, while maintaining granular security for the site management. There are also many Search and User Experience benefits that you will enjoy.

    elcomCMS Multi-site Management CMS
  5. Delivered when and how you want it – we have built the elcomCMS to be a flexible product that can be delivered in a number of ways. The different Delivery Models of the elcomCMS include Cloud, SaaS, Hosted and Deployed / On-Premise. Whatever your delivery requirements, whether that be directed from your system administration team, technical team, security, marketing or support, the elcomCMS can be delivered in a way that will keep all teams happy.

So there you go, five quick Elcom Features to consider for 2013. With over 100 modules out-of-the-box there is so much we can talk about with the elcomCMS that can help your organization. Remember to keep checking our blog, as we continue to discuss how you can grow your business and solve your Web requirements with the elcomCMS.

I would also encourage you to view some of our On-Demand Webinars where we have presentations that cover these topics and many more.

We are thrilled by how fantastic 2012 has been and we are really excited about the opportunities to work with you in 2013 as we continue to build the Powerfully Simple elcomCMS. Happy Holidays!

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