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Sneak Peek – elcomCMS 9 – Core publishing

Date Posted: Friday, 01 November 2013 11:32
Posted By: Lee-Sia Yuen

Video EncodingWe’re creeping closer towards the 4th, which means we’re at the last sneak peek before the final reveal on Monday!

We’ve got two core publishing sneak peeks for you today:

  • Improved video support
  • Carousels

Both of these new features will excite our marketing, digital and publishing community; as these enable non-technical users to do some cool things.

Let’s start by talking about improved video support.

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of valuable information and thought-leadership. Sharing content via video has been popularised by sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo - YouTube boasts “…more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.”

One of the key challenges of publishing video is the requirement to cater for different devices, as different devices have different players. I’m excited to share with you that we’ve introduced improve video support, as part of our core publishing!

What does this mean?

elcomCMS will automatically convert and create multiple video formats once you update your original video into the CMS. When a site visitor views a video on your website, intranet or mobile device, the best format for their browser type will be used to play the video.

Why is this awesome?

  • NO MORE error messages - ‘Your browser is not supported’, ‘File could not be played’, ‘Error loading media’

  • Provide your users with the experience that they deserve

  • Reduce administration time! You don’t have to convert your file into multiple formats.

The next sneak peek that I wanted to share is our new carousel feature!

Banners, Rotating Sliders, Image Rotators, Image Sliders, Feature Carousel….we’ve all got different names for them but essentially they ar

e the same thing! Nearly every modern website uses them to some degree, but as non-technical publishers they can be a pain to manage…..not with elcomCMS 9! We’ve made it even easier! Historically we’ve typically used Dynamic Widgets but now we’ve got a new dedicated carousel feature!


What does it do?

Drag drop images and add text to create your carousel – add as many slides as you like! Apply a predefined transition style such as a fading in and out, and you’re done.

Why is this awesome?

  • Manage all your carousels in one place

  • Easy to create for non-technical publishers

  • Developers can create a store a library of cool transition styles

  • Have as many carousels on your site as you like, just drop them onto you page like any other article element

We can’t wait to show you these awesome new features. Come back again on Monday for more information!

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