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Sneak Peek – elcomCMS 9 – Learning Management

Date Posted: Tuesday, 08 October 2013 08:00
Posted By: Lee-Sia Yuen

Product Specialist and Training Manager, Angela Sweeney, provides the first sneak peek into what's coming in elcomCMS 9.

Angela Sweeney

The world of training and learning management is continually growing and changing. For years, employees learnt what they needed to learn for their positions by attending face to face training with a trainer like myself or simply just learnt on the job. This was typically managed manually, via email, on paper or using Excel spreadsheets! 

When Learning Management Software came along, it revolutionized the way that employees could be trained and the way trainers could manage and deliver training. Trainees could now access training online; complete certifications and assessments, as well as register for face-to-face, on the job, CPD and classroom based training via the web or intranet. Trainers could now automate training delivery, access on-demand reports and effectively manage pathways and plans.

Learning and Training Management has been available as a module in elcomCMS for a number of years; and we’re proud to have a great number of clients successfully managing their learning and development programs through the elcomCMS.

Last year I was excited to become the Product Manager for the elcomCMS Learning Management solution. Having seamless integration between CMS functionality and LMS functionality has always interested me; as it provides a unique and effective way to offer an outstanding and personalized training experience. (I was also excited because this was my opportunity to help take the elcomCMS learning management solution to the next level!)

After extensive research, gaining feedback from clients and of course drawing on industry experience; I worked with the product and development teams to refine existing functionality, improve user experience and introduce new functionality to the LMS solution.

So what can you expect in elcomCMS 9?elcomCMS 9 Learning Management

We have enhanced every key aspect of the LMS solution in elcomCMS 9:

On top of existing functionality to administer groups, permissions, user information, build pathways and manage trainees. elcomCMS 9 will provide you with the ability to automatically schedule reoccurring training as part of refresher training, CPD programs and other pathway scenarios.

elcomCMS provides you with the ability to create and manage different training types: classroom, on-the-job, CPD and eLearning. Additional functionality has been added in elcomCMS 9 to allow you to further control the training experience.

New training alert reminders have been added in elcomCMS 9, as well as the ability to manage registration and training cancellation cut off times.

Package different training types to deliver tailored programs in elcomCMS 9. Package workshops, semester based training, self-service and booking, induction training and more.

New reports are available in elcomCMS 9 including pathway and scheduling reports.

The new and improved Training Manager will allow you to have more control over your training. elcomCMS provides you with the flexibility and user experience of a CMS and the functional capabilities of an LMS . I'm excited to share this sneak peek with you and can't wait to demonstrate its full capability at our launch event on the 7th of November!

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