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Barker College - Updated Gallery Image Feb 2016Organization: Barker College is an independent Anglican day and boarding school located in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1890, Barker is an all boys school from kindergarten to Year 9 and co-education commences from Year 10.

Industry: Education - Independent Schools

Need: Website

“"We're very satisfied with our experience with Elcom and the level of helpdesk support they ofer. We look forward to developing our website with them in future. ”
Carolynn Webb
 Publications & Media Coordinator
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The Challenge

In 2012, Barker College had a website that met their requirements in terms of design and functionality. The challenge was that the site was implemented on a custom built content management system. This meant that it was difficult to support, update and maintain. In addition, they were also reliant on a small IT team to make any changes, which was not at all effective or efficient.

Barker College needed a new system and required it to:

  • Allow them to automate processes to save time and money.
  • Be scalable, so that they could amalgamate other web applications in to one, over time.
  • Provide an intuitive and user-friendly environment for non-technical users.
  • Have the required functionality, including a calendar.
  • Be supported by a local provider who would ultimately become a technology partner.

The Solution

Barker College reviewed several available application and after thorough comparison and research, elcomCMS was chosen for its ability to meet all the above requirements, cost effectively.
Barker College has since published their new website on the elcomCMS platform and have been able to implement the following functionality across their site.

View Curriculum

The Curriculum section of the Barker College website is a content-rich area dedicated to providing prospective students with as much information as possible about each program for the different year groups.

Online Fee Payments

elcomCMS has been integrated with a third-party payment gateway to provide a method for parents to pay fees online and for voluntary donation payments.

Weekly Bulletin

The Barker College bulletin provides news articles from the: Headmaster, Barker College Mothers Association (BCMA), Boys’ sports and Girls’ sports teams. Using User, Group Security and Permission settings, each team is responsible for creating and publishing their own news articles. Dynamic Widgets are then used to pull the different news articles into a central view.

Events Calendar

The calendar provides an extensive view of all scheduled Barker College events and activities. Users are able to filter by the varying departments and view by day, week or month.

Request a Prospectus

There are a number of request forms on the Barker College website, one of which is the Request a Prospectus form. This provides prospective students and parents with the ability to request that an information pack be mailed to them.

Book a Tour

Prospective students and parents are able to book a tour of the college through the Book a Tour page. This easy to use form provides a schedule of all available times for each school.

Useful navigation tabs

Tabs provide users with access to frequently used areas such as the calendar or contact us pages.

The Benefits

As a result of implementing elcomCMS, Barker College has experienced the following benefits:

Improved publisher experience and engagement

The Word-like publishing environment provides intuitive and user-friendly tools for Barker College’s publishers.

Empowerment of publisher and increased collaboration

Gone are the days of a centralized publishing framework that is reliant on a small IT team. Through the use of the elcomCMS each school, department and subject-matter expert can collaborate and contribute content to the website. Groups are empowered and can now supply quality and accurate information to the community.

Gained the flexibility, scalability and technology to meet new digital objectives

The modular design of elcomCMS provides Barker College with the technology to deliver their digital strategy today and in the future. As a result, they can concentrate on build outstanding communication and support services for their community. The college is looking to build a Mobile site in the future.

Increased student and parent engagement

Barker College has seen an increase in student and parent engagement through the site; particularly through the number of people booking tours of the college online.

Improved end-user experience

Because content publishing now lies with each department, end-users are served with accurate, up-to-date and in-depth information about each area of the college - improving overall user experience.

Gained technology partners to support them in future strategies

Not only has Barker College gained a new CMS platform, they have gained technology partners to support them in developing their digital programs. They can leverage Elcom’s best-practice and technology knowledge, to design and implement innovative strategies.

Key elcomCMS features and modules used in the Barker College Solution:

  • Forms
  • Calendar
  • Membership/My Accounts
  • Local Administration
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • WYSIWYS Editor
  • Integration
  • Image Library
  • Media Center
  • Search

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