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Ravenswood School For Girls

Organization: Ravenswood is a Kindergarten to Year 12 school which aims to equip and inspire girls to participate in and contribute to our evolving global society.

Industry: Education - Independent School

Need: Portal

“The elcomCMS solution has been very positively received by School Leadership and the parent community. The Elcom team are very professional and worked closely with us to ensure all of our outcomes were met. Their experience in designing and building online content meant they were able to advise and guide us as we
developed the medical portal.”
Elizabeth Westley, 
Director of Technology

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The Challenge

Ravenswood is a Kindergarten to Year 12 School which aims to equip and inspire girls to participate in and contribute to our evolving global society. Our practice was to print off the medical form at the start of each year and post this to families for parents to fill in and return. Every time students went on an excursion during the year, a copy of the medical form was again sent home to be completed. Any time a form was returned, an admin person would work through the forms and update the school’s admin system. The process was very manual and heavily paper-based and meant there was a delay in the information being updated. We wanted a solution that enabled parents to update medical information as soon as there was a need, not just when there was an excursion/camp etc. to ensure teaching staff have access to current medical information.

The Process

We formed a small committee of staff following a project management methodology. We undertook an investigation considering both customized and off-the-shelf solutions. During the process we discussed with other Schools how they were managing the collection of data, elcomCMS was discovered from this research. We are also looking at refreshing our parent portal in the future and the elcomCMS provides us a pathway to achieve this due to the large range of different modules available. Elcom’s experience working with other schools using Synergetic was also seen as a distinct advantage.

The Solution

The solution designed by Elcom has a clean interface which is easy to navigate. Data integrates directly into Synergetic and the Elcom team worked closely with us ensuring data was clean and complete through validation and masking on the fields at the data entry stage. This was extremely important to us as is the security of the data in the system. The testing phase was thorough and the weekly progress meetings and the online ticket system were extremely important to ensuring that all aspects of the system were working. Elcom also provided us with training in the administration of the system which enabled us to manage and support the solution ourselves.

The Benefits

The Elimination of large data entry tasks

School administration staff no longer need to manually enter data from a heavily paper-based process, saving time and increasing their productivity.

Reduced risk of incorrect medical data

The medical form is easy to use and guides parents through the form to completion ensuring that data is entered in a correct and complete manner.

Content control & time saving for parents
Parents are in charge of the information they provide and when they provide it, reducing duplication of effort and saving their valuable time.

Key elcomCMS features and modules used in the Ravenswood solution:

  • Active Directory Connector
  • Workflow
  • Calendar
  • Content Editor
  • Developer API
  • Single Sign On
  • Form Creator
  • Synergetic Integration

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