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Organization: Vita Group Limited is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company; and Australia’s largest independent retailer of lifestyle electronics and telecommunications. Vita Group own 6 subsidiary companies and manage selected Telstra Shops and Business Centres.

Industry: Retail - Telecommunications

Need: Intranet Management

“The flexibility provided by
elcomCMS has allowed us to
customise our new intranet solution
to Vita Group’s every need. In turn,
this has greatly increased the
company’s ability to communicate
effectively and sell well.”

Tom Bawden
Intranet Administrator

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The Challenge

Prior to implementing an elcomCMS Intranet solution, Vita Group had two portals, Fone Web and Byte Essentials; both of which had become significantly out of date and difficult to use. Having two separate sites meant that there was poor visibility of business critical information across the business,no information sharing and duplicated efforts across both sites.

Vita Group required a reliable and robust platform to bring the two sites together. The solution would ultimately need to improve collaboration and communication between all subsidiary companies and would be called Vita Pulse.

The Solution

After thoroughly researching the market, elcomCMS was selected for its comprehensive functionality, flexibility, modular design and ease of use.

In May 2012, Vita Group launched Vita Pulse through elcomCMS. Vita Pulse is now Vita Group’s central communication portal for their 1,400 + employees, who work within 180 stores, over 8 brands across Australia.

Each subsidiary has its own section on the Vita Pulse intranet, all easily accessible through the main navigation. As a result, users have access to information that is relevant to their line of business and across the entire group. Through elcomCMS, Vita Group was able to create key intranet innovation points in-house. These include:

‘VitaTube’ is a powerful and effective way for the CEO, National Managers and other decision makers to communicate to 1,400+ intranet users via video. Using elcomCMS’ media management capability, videos are uploaded and embedded into an article. The article comments feature provides users with the ability to supply feedback, ideas and encourage social interaction.

Group News Portal
The intranet is now a one-stop shop for news. Using elcomCMS’ taxonomy and dynamic widgets features, the different news articles for each subsidiary are rendered into a single display. Articles are colour coded so that users can immediately identify which business unit that piece of news relates to.

Celebrating Success
Shining Stars is an area within Vita Pulse used to celebrate the success of individuals within Vita Group. Colleagues can nominate each other via a form on the intranet. This area encourages communication, collaboration and promotes the desired culture. Using the taxonomy and dynamic widgets modules, the Shining Stars articles are also colour coded to help quickly identify which business unit the Shining Star came from.

Internal IT Support
Using elcomCMS’ document list, FAQ manager, dynamic widgets and taxonomy modules; the support section provides support documentation, as well as searchable FAQs and general ‘How-to’ and trouble-shooting information. A Service Status widget built in-house on elcomCMS, delivers real-time updates from the IT team. The traffic-light icons provide users with status updates and information pertaining to each of the service areas.

Hot Jobs Feed
Vita Group utilises elcomCMS’ RSS Import to bring in job feeds from their external recruitment partner so all of the company’s vacant positions are available in Vita Pulse. Prior to Vita Pulse, users had to access an external site in order to view these listings. 

The Benefits

Vita Group has used elcomCMS to improve key business areas and processes, encourage collaboration and communication, create a more cohesive group, empower individuals and ultimately change the culture of the business. 

Key benefits include:

Improved self-service
The Vita Group Intranet has allowed the organisation to better support and communicate to staff and colleagues. Information pertinent to the group and individual subsidiary companies is easily searchable and accessible.

Improved visibility and access to up-to-date information
With all Vita Group’s information located on a single intranet (not spread across multiple sites), users have increased visibility to activities and news across the group.

Improved communication and cultural change
Vita Group has experienced a cultural change. Managers at all levels are able to communicate effectively with their teams, formally and informally through comments and video posts. In keeping with Vita Group’s open culture, elcomCMS allows colleagues to easily share their feedback with managers and other colleagues.

Reduced administration time
Content publishers, administrators and support teams are no longer required to duplicate their efforts across multiple sites.

Key elcomCMS features and modules used in the Vita Group solution:

  • RSS Import
  • Membership/My Account
  • Document Lists
  • Media Centre
  • Search
  • Taxonomy Manager
  • Forms
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Article Comments
  • Workflows



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