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Organization: Established in 1924, Woolworths Limited is Australia’s largest supermarket and grocery retailer. With over 3,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand; Woolworths supplies food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise and other products to over 24 million customers each week.

Industry: Retail - Household

Need: Members Portal, eCommerce

“The success of our Gift Cards portal
has exceeded ROI projections! elcomCMS
has provided us with the technology
to meet objectives and
grow our business.
It’s a great product!”

Troy Veron
Senior Product Manager - Gift Cards

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The Challenge


Prior to implementing the new solution, Member Gift Cards were made available to members of affiliated partner organisations through Woolworth’s Everyday Gift Card direct-customer site.

These members would receive a promotional code and have the ability to redeem this code via the site.  Challenges experienced with this solution included:  

  • Content not targeted - Content on the customer site was not targeted for partner members.  

  • No measurability - Promotional codes were being leaked to the public or passed to friends and family.  

  • No exclusivity - Low incentive for organizations to join the partner network due to the lack of exclusivity for its members.  

  • Not user friendly - For administrators and publishers, it was difficult to update content because the site was hard-coded. All updates required a web developer’s involvement, which resulted in longer publishing turnaround times.

The Gift Card team needed a new site that would provide them with the ability to offer an exclusive service, provide a direct and personalized communication path to members and have the flexibility to grow with the business.


The Solution

elcomCMS was recommended by Elcom’s Digital Agency partner, The Daemon Group. After several demonstration and meetings, elcomCMS was chosen as the preferred CMS. Key points of differentiation that were highlighted included: elcomCMS’ intuitive content editor and publisher tools, cost-effectiveness, feature-rich environment, scalability and flexibility.

The new Woolworths Everyday Giftcard site for affiliated partner members: includes the following elcomCMS functionality.

Membership/My Account
Access and permissions are controlled via the elcomCMS Membership/My Account module. Affiliate partner members simply register using their membership number. After the number is validated, they are then able to log in and shop online.  

User Groups

Each partner organization is set up as a group in elcomCMS. Members are then associated with that group through their membership number. Once registered, members can login to take advantage of discounts and promotions which are exclusive to that group.  

Content Editing

elcomCMS’ powerful content editor provides non-technical publishers with the ability to create and update content. Permissions settings control the level of authoring rights each publisher has.  Email Marketing  The Email Marketing module is used to effectively communicate with the thousands of users registered on the site. Publishers simply populate predefined email templates, select the group they want to send the email to and launch the campaign. 

At the heart of the site, is the elcomCMS eCommerce module. As well as providing the ability to securely perform financial transactions online, this module allows Woolworths to limit the number of discounts an individual can redeem, report on transactions of each partner and manage discounts and promotions.

The Benefits


The launch of the new Member’s Gift Card site has been a great success and has exceeded all expectations. Since moving to the elcomCMS platform, Woolworths has:
Achieved 200% of annual target met within 16 weeks  
Within 16 weeks of the launch, the site surpassed its annual target by 200%. Over 20,000 orders have been handled through elcomCMS and there are no signs of success slowing down. 

Registered 10,000 users within 16 weeks
The site has been very popular with members of the affiliated partner network. Woolworths has reached 10,000 registrations in just 16 weeks. 

Reduced administration time and costs
Due to the powerfully simple and intuitive design of elcomCMS, non-technical publishers are able to create and update content as and when required. Content owners no longer have to rely on the developer to complete the changes, resulting in reduced costs and a faster turnaround of content. 

Improved control across business processes
Woolworths now have more control over and in essences have more control over when and how content is managed. 

Taken a more proactive strategic and tactical business approach
Through the relationship with Elcom, the scalability of elcomCMS and above all the immediate benefits gained in terms of increased efficiency and reduced costs; the Gift Card team now have the resources to take a more proactive strategic and tactical business approach   

Key elcomCMS features and modules used in the Woolworths solution:

  • eCommerce
  • Membership/My Account
  • Email Marketing
  • Image Manager
  • Search
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Forms
  • Dynamic Widgets
  • Reports
  • User and Group Security



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