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elcomCMS9.5 is here - Reduce ICT cost and resource drain | deliver disparate requirements

For most IT managers, customer service is about keeping internal stakeholders or clients happy. This is not always easy when each team in an organization has vastly different requirements - some straightforward, some not so. 

When it comes to the company website and intranet emotions can run high. These vital communication channels have never been so important for business success as they are today. 

It’s often those who are responsible for sales, marketing or internal communications who will demand the most from the website or intranet, which puts you squarely in their sights. 

As people in these roles increasingly require a higher knowledge about technology, especially digital capabilities relating to understanding audiences or customers to drive sales, their sudden interest in products and platforms is inevitable. However, what people want and what is possible based on your existing technology can often be two different things. 

Elcom helps businesses get the most from their websites, intranets and portals by integrating with existing technology. They bridge the gap between marketing, internal communications and IT, to ensure site upgrades or complete revamps meet everyone’s needs. 

Later this month Elcom will release its newest CMS upgrade – elcomCMS 9.5. Improving customer experience is at the core of the features and enhancements of this release, which include:

  • Responsive admin – Sometimes you need to change your site on the go, so our admin interface is now mobile friendly so you can update your site anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Migration toolkit – Automate and reduce time taken to transfer content from old to new sites.
  • Mobile App – Give employees access to documents, web content, and conversations via your mobile app. Increase the reach of your communications to mobile devices and engage a mobile orientated workforce. Push critical information out to your users’ mobile phones anytime, anywhere.
  • SAML – Connect your different business platforms to allow employees to use their existing company login credentials to sign directly into their Intranet, wherever they are. 
  • Web API – REST API making customisation and extensions to your web functionality easier for developers.
  • Performance – As your webpage load-time increases, your audience bounce rate also increases. Our performance improvements help you to increase website conversions.
  • Content personalization – Segmentation-based delivery of content to your website visitors. Giving them more of what they’re interested in and less of the irrelevant stuff.
  • Persona/Device view – Quick view of the various versions created for personalization and mobile devices.
  • Themes – Import and use a pre-built theme or build your own elcomCMS theme with ease. Themes allow you to update your website’s look and feel with a flick of a switch.

“In our 9.5 release we’ve enhanced our customer’s experience, as well as incorporate features that will improve the experience of our clients’ customers. And because we’re techies at heart, we made sure there are some great additions for our IT/technical and developer friends,” Tim Kirkman, Elcom’s Product Director said.

“We understand that companies have put significant time, money and resource investment into existing systems. With new technology coming out every week to support marketing efforts it’s increasingly hard to stay up to date. Knowing company budgets and resources only go so far we have created 9.5 as a platform that serves as a foundation for all communication tools.” 

For more information contact or go to latest release links.

About Elcom

Elcom is a global provider of enterprise web content management systems. Elcom assists mid to enterprise organizations achieve their online objectives for corporate websites, intranets, portals, mobile, social, eCommerce, learning management and online marketing through one powerfully simple and secure platform: elcomCMS.

elcomCMS can be delivered in the cloud, as a SaaS, on-premise or hosted.

Based in Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, USA, Elcom is a Microsoft Gold partner with more than 1,000 successful customer implementations around the world.

Release Contact

Brooke Campbell
Marketing Manager, Elcom
Phone: +61280640927



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