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5 new features to look out for in CM7

Community Manager 7.0 is due for release in April. Here is a sneak peak of some great new features to be released... 

MS Office Integration
Our new Office add in let’s you seamlessly checkin and checkout documents from the CM document library from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Web Standards – XHTML Strict Compliance
Build websites that conform to the highest standards improving accessibility compliance and overall performance

New Templating Engine
Front end developers now have deeper access to MasterPages allowing them to quickly build templates and customise their site

Advanced Workflow Routing
Managers now have the option to let the publishers choose a workflow to send their content for approval. They also have the option to send content for approval to their Manager as defined in their user profile. These options can also be used in combination.

TRIM Integration
Quickly publish document links from TRIM directly to your Intranet

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