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CommunityManager.NET 7.2 is here....

New to Release 7.2!


The Elcom CMS now offers a fully integrated analytics engine to help you better understand visitor behaviour and further optimise their browsing experience. The analytics engine uses pixel tracking technology which collects, analyses and reports an array of metrics via a friendly and easy to use interface.

Element Drag and Drop

Our new drag and drop functionality makes it even easier to control the layout of your pages. If you want an element positioned in the right hand column simple drag it over to the relevant zone and release.                                                                                                                                             

Even friendlier URLs

Friendly URLs are an important part of web usability and SEO. The Elcom CMS has always supported human friendly URLs but now we’ve taken it a step further using the latest URL routing technology offered by .NET 4.0 and dropped the default.aspx extension altogether.

Enhanced Mobile Support

Do you want to deliver content to a variety of devices such as ipads, iphones and Blackberrys? 7.2 lets you to target specific user agents with the same content while automatically adjusting layout and design to suit the specific device.

Enhanced Version Control

7.2’s enhanced version control now extends beyond articles and documents allowing you to rollback menus, folders, images, templates and stylesheets giving you a clear snapshot of how the site looked at any point in time.

Custom Menus

The Elcom CMS offers a range of pre-built menus, however in 7.2 we give front end developers the option to import their own custom menus. The Elcom CMS generates semantic menu mark-up to which front end developers can add presentation and behaviour by adding their own pinch of jquery and css magic dust.

Enhanced Wiki Module

The new wiki module makes creation of wiki content including references, sub folders and links a breeze. As always you can create a wiki at any location in the Elcom CMS and present the content wherever you choose making it even easier for teams to work collaboratively over specific subject areas.

SDK Refactored (EDF)

The Elcom Development Framework (EDF) has been extensively upgraded making it even easier for developers wishing to create their own custom functionality that integrates with CommunityManager.NET. There are an infinite number of ways the EDF can be used including custom pages and backend service integration.

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