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SMEs Gain Easier Access To Enterprise Web Content Management

Partnership offers 40+ affordable intranet, internet and extranet modules and applications

Sydney, August 17, 2009 – SMEs looking to expand their business online and improve customer/employees communications can leverage affordable, easy-to-use web content management systems (CMS) via a new partnership between Elcom and Multibase.

Elcom, the web 2.0 publisher of the ‘CommunityManager.NET’ extranet, intranet and internet platform, has appointed Multibase as consultant partner, to enable organisations to interact and do business via the Internet in a cost-effective manner.

It is estimated that of 87 per cent of businesses using the internet in 2007–08, only 42 per cent had a web presence, and only 27 per cent took orders online. An internet presence reduces the impact of Australia’s distance from international markets, allowing organisations to engage better with domestic markets and participate more closely with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders as people connect, collaborate and participate online1.

Multibase, an IT/web services firm with more than 25 years’ experience, will work with Elcom to co-jointly bid for projects, with Elcom holding responsibility for development and support while Multibase defines the requirements and maintains the solution ongoing. Multibase has strong solution experience in industries as diverse as travel, government, business services, finance, sport and construction, including cloud-based delivery.

Through Elcom’s CommunityManager.NET, users simply pay for a single, scalable platform license that gives them access to more than 40 modules and applications to develop websites, partner portals, intranets, electronic commerce, online training and online inductions.

“We reached a point where customer appetite for web content management systems had demanded we either build our own, acquire one, use open source or offer someone else’s,” said Steve Atkins, Managing Director at Multibase. “We evaluated each option strategically and chose to provide Elcom’s CommunityManager.NET as it is a professional, agile and highly functional CMS making it ideal for the SME space.”

“By offering our CommunityManager.NET CMS platform, Multibase is able to make quick inroads into that SME space that isn’t well served by the large end of town but where there is significant demand for an affordable solution with tangible outcomes and real business benefits,” said Anthony Milner, Product Manager at Elcom. “This partnership will increase market share for both organisations, and we’re delighted to work with Multibase.”

Elcom has also launched a new Partner portal to provide partners with sales tools, product showcases, demos, case studies and training opportunities.

Customers using the CommunityManager.NET Content Management System (CMS) will benefit from:

  • Speed of deployment

  • Increased productivity and communications

  • Access to 40 modular out of the box web solutions and applications

  • Single integrated platform for all solutions

  • Continuous research and development

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