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elcomCMS is available in a cloud environment for rapid roll-out, scalability and an externally managed service.

Elcom's Cloud based solution is available to meet your on-demand requirements..... The Cloud solution can be quickly configured and rolled-out with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Why consider a Cloud delivery model?

  • Fully Scalable - If you are unsure of the amount of traffic or demand your site will experience, a cloud based offering is the perfect solution, and will provide you with the flexibility to scale up or down as and when it's required. The cloud environment will automatically cater for your server demand and storage requirements, requiring less hands-on monitoring.

  • Externally Managed - If you don't have an in-house IT support and service capacity, a cloud based environment will ensure that your site is monitored, backed-up and maintained 24/7. Giving you the peace of mind that there is always support at the end of the line.

  • Service bound by SLA's - In comparison to deployed or on-premise installations, cloud based solutions are bound by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) this guarantees a level of service and support to your site.

  • Rapid Deployment - A cloud based environment significantly reduces the time taken to roll out a site

  • Flexibility - You can benefit from the modular design of elcomCMS without the need for your IT team to get involved with installations and upgrades.



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