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Deployed - On Premise

Install elcomCMS on your own servers for a self-managed and controlled environment.

elcomCMS can be deployed on your company's servers meaning the platform will be available through your company’s network rather than over the web. A deployed or on-premise model is perfect for organizations with in-house hosting environment and/or the technical capacity for support; providing control and security to meet internal process and compliance guidelines.

Why consider a deployed or on-premise delivery model?

Control - A deployed model gives you full control over the site and how it is run. 

Internal support and management - Having an internal management team may provide you with higher levels of support, depending on your IT infrastructure and service levels.  

Cost - In some cases running the site on your own servers can prove cost-effective because the support, maintenance and running costs can be spread across different applications within the business.

Compliance - Some organizations choose a deployed model for security reasons, such as record-keeping and database management. Some may need to adhere to strict compliance guidelines and therefore a deployed model provides them with the cost-effective method to meet this.

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