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Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing through a personalized intranet.

Audit Office Intranet

elcomCMS provides a comprehensive, secure intranet solution with more than 100 base features and modules. Used by large corporations and government departments around the world, elcomCMS improves organization, searchability and maintenance of corporate internal documentation and knowledge assets.


Ideal for HR Managers, Corporate Communications, Operations, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Finance Managers and Staff. elcomCMS's intranet features include:

  • Corporate directory tools
  • Complete Document management and version control functionality
  • Social layers with real-time updates
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and HP Trim


Key benefits of an elcomCMS Intranet include:

  • Improved information dissemination throughout the organization
  • Knowledge and information is quick and easy to find
  • Securely manage & publish documents and intranet content
  • Encourage and foster online collaboration
  • Single intranet can service many internal department needs
  • Fully customized implementation tailored to your needs

Overview of Intranet Capability

elcomCMS includes sophisticated features for all your intranet needs.

Social Elements

elcomCMS includes a rich social layer to deliver real-time status updates across the organization. Combined with blogs, wikis, forums and project management tools, staff collaboration is encouraged.

Document Management

Document and digital asset management is baked into the core of elcomCMS. Version control of documents, articles, images and other content assets is simple to administer and manage. Even style sheets and menus are version controlled. 

Document libraries allow powerful search and filtering based on numerous criteria, with security trimming that ensures viewing and editing privileges are maintained.


Integrating your intranet with existing corporate environments is crucial for implementation success. elcomCMS provides native integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, HP Trim and many other systems. 

A key success principle is ensuring there is minimum duplication of assets, and easily traceable document changes. elcomCMS integration connectors enable this across the enterprise. Learn more about elcomCMS Connectors.


The sophisticated workflow engine in elcomCMS provides both serial and parallel workflow processes. Audit processes for approval of content and forms across the intranet are provided, along with comprehensive branching capabilities.

elcomCMS allows unlimited Workflow processes, and includes:

  • a Workflow designer allows administrators to visually map workflows
  • Creation of serial, parallel and branching workflow
  • Setting alerts and triggers at each stage
  • Sending articles, documents and forms through workflow

Corporate Directory

Maintaining an accurate staff directory can be an onerous task. With elcomCMS corporate directory features, managing and synchronizing staff details is a simple activity. 

With built-in Active Directory hooks and single sign-on capabilities, administration of staff details is easily managed. Learn more about elcomCMS Corporate Directory.

Resource Booking

Resource booking features ensure meeting rooms, training facilities and required equipment are easily allocated and booked.

Enterprise Search

elcomCMS enterprise search functionality allows indexing of not only corporate intranet assets, but also web and extranet content, as well as federated search across other sites, network drives and databases.

The elcomCMS enterprise search module is one of the most powerful on the market, with advanced functionality to:

  • Search across content, events and documents
  • Include Taxonomy and Best bets
  • Process Refined Searches and Security trimming
  • and provide Relevance indicators, keyword highlighting and more

And Much More...

100+ Base Features and Modules

The featured items above are just the beginning. elcomCMS has more than 100 standard features and modules - and is constantly improving. Learn more about the complete range of elcomCMS modules.


Due to elcomCMS' multi-site capabilities, web sites, intranets, extranets and online training portals can all be run on a single deployment. Combine all your content management systems into one - with elcomCMS. Learn more about elcomCMS multi-site features.

What else can elcomCMS help you achieve?

Use elcomCMS to power your web sites, intranet, extranet, online store and online training portals. Learn more about elcomCMS content management solutions.

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