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Mobile Web

Choose elcomCMS for your responsive or adaptive mobile website. The intuitive design and out-of-the-box mobile functionality makes elcomCMS easy to use, regardless of your requirements.

Elcom Mobile

Provide your customers with the engaging and personalized web experience that you've always wanted.

It's easy to get your mobile site up and running with elcomCMS.

Key Benefits:

Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from using elcomCMS to manage your mobile website.

  • Automated mobile device detection technology for optimized content rendering
  • Access a family of native mobile applications
  • Reduce bounce rates and increase site traffic, retention
  • Capture your audience during their ‘off-peak’ times
  • Enhance your website experience
  • Deliver mobile and user friendly content
  • Create mobile templates for different mobile devices
  • Expand your market reach and create new business opportunities

Overview of Mobile module:

Automated Mobile Device Detection

elcomCMS's clever User Detection Agent technology detects the type of mobile device used to browse your website i.e. an iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc. and automatically serves that content  to perfectly render for that mobile device - ensuring users always have a perfect user experience.

Template driven, automatic content serving

Within elcomCMS you have predefined templates for each device, each template shares the same content and you exclude and include content as per best-practice. The smart content sharing technology means that you only need to update your content once.

Instant mobile and web view

You can switch views between your normal web view and mobile device view with one click to compare how your mobile site and website will look. This makes content editing easy.

Mobile development method support

Whether you're looking to implement a one site, two site or responsive mobile design method, elcomCMS has the technology and flexibility that will enable you to build  and support the direction you take.

Multi-site management

Powerful multi-site management built into elcomCMS, means that you can run any number of websites, portals or mobile sites - reducing installation and maintenance costs, training time and overall content management and administration.

Mobile Apps

Alongside the V10 release is the introduction of a family of native mobile applications. Initially focused on delivering intranet content and experiences to your mobile workforce. Engage with social conversations through the social module, access articles and documents (with offline sync options), and receive notifications when there are updates in the social feed or to article and documents that are of interest to you.


Hyundai Mobile - Adaptive Mobile

Adaptive Mobile

elcomCMS uses intelligent device detection technology to automatically identify the smartphone or tablet being used to view your site. It will then serve out the layout and content based on predefined templates and designs.


Responsive Mobile sites

The flexible design on elcomCMS makes it easy to implement responsive design into our Masterpages. Use our clever responsive images feature to automatically resize and serve up the correct size images for your Responsive website.

Mobile CMS - Responsive Design


What else can elcomCMS help you achieve?

Use elcomCMS to power your websites, intranet, portal, mobile, learning management, social and online marketing Learn more about elcomCMS content management solutions.

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