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Choosing the right website content management solution to meet your current and future needs should be an exciting exploration, and we are here to help guide you on your journey of discovery. As you think about your requirements, research vendors to consult with and seek quotes, consider how important the following capabilities are.


Really easy publishing: This is at the heart of any content management solution, to enable your authorized users to load content regardless of their technical prowess. Ideally your choice of CMS will empower anyone you choose to quickly and easily manage content on your website, and let’s face it, if the content on your public facing website is not changing on a regular basis, you are probably missing out on valuable leads and not delivering the best customer experience.

Revenue/lead generation: Whether your site is targeting businesses or consumers at the end of the day you want to make a sale. Effective websites are rich with relevant content, delivered to visitors based on their profile or persona, using a combination of explicit and implicit data to drive content personalization and convert leads to paying customers. You might need the ability to gate your most precious content and use forms to capture prospective customer details, then implement a workflow to get those leads to the right team members, so you can respond quickly to each opportunity.

Low Maintenance: Reducing dependency on the IT Department for management of your website makes everyone more efficient and happier. Marketers can get new content and campaigns up quickly and the IT Department is spared the stress of needing to drop everything to help out and avoid missing costly deadlines. The sales team is also happy as those quick to market campaigns are bringing leads. It’s an all-round team win win win.

Mobile: It goes without saying your website must be mobile responsive as there are now more mobile users than desktop users and you need to enable your future customer to engage with your brand, content, people and organization on any device and at any time they choose.
Vendor support and collaboration: You will enjoy your website journey so much more if your vendor is supportive and flexible. You might need them to collaborate with your preferred design agency, train your own team to do custom development, run workshops to help you map out your requirements and of course provide a responsive support team to assist you quickly and effectively when issues arise. Face to face training might also be important to the success of your website implementation.

Websites can be smart, intelligent and effective tools that support your business goals and marketing objectives. Here are just a few of the features you might consider important, some you might need now and others you can add later.

Website Features

Obviously we believe elcomCMS is the perfect platform for building content rich, engaging and effective websites. Let us show you what we have delivered for our clients and what we can do for you with an obligation free demo.

Here is our full list of features that come out-of-the-box.

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