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Document Management

elcomCMS provides powerful document management capability. Upload, store, manage, publish and control your documents all within a single location. Enhance document management with additional modules like Taxonomy Manager, Dynamic Widgets, Microsoft Office integration, SharePoint integration, Workflows and more!

elcomCMS provides extensive document management without the complexities of enterprise level systems, allowing you to get on with the job. elcomCMS provides:

Integration with Microsoft Office

Create and edit documentation within the Microsoft Office environment. The plugin allows you to easily synchronise updates easily all with a click of a button.

Version control

elcomCMS comes built in with version control providing an audit trail and full traceability across all documents. Once an article or document gets published on the site a it gets recorded and given a version ID and a timestamp. Version Control allows a user to go back to a previous version of an Article or a Document at any point.

Document List

The document list feature provides a list of active documents specified within a folder. You can enhance this feature with the taxonomy module, tagging each document with a keyword. Using the document list feature, you can display documents based on taxonomy such as the type of document, author, subject or topic etc.

Document review

The document review feature, applies a mandatory review process to documents after a nominated time period. The system automatically notifies specified administrators or authors, improving documentation quality and maintenance procedures.

Workflow and approvals

Workflows can be applied to documents before they are published to ensure the proper review and approval processes are maintained.

And that's not all elcomCMS provides integration with:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office
  • HP Trim

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