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A/B Testing

The A/B testing Module provides a measurement and evaluation tool for testing the effectiveness of any modifications and improvements made to your site.


The Calendar module allows logged-in users to add appointment to defined calendars. Administrator can create calendars and embed them into any article on their site. You can set the visibility so that only certain or all members can see your calendar. This is particularly useful to see staff availability for projects and resource booking.

Content Organizer

Display various content elements as a single package which can be easily navigated. All user input is saved for future use or reporting. Comes with a Drag and Drop interface, ability to copy packages, sections or individual items, and the ability to apply custom styling on a per package basis. 

Content Organizer provides a superior user experience and increased productivity through time savings, user-preference memory, personalization and customization.  

Content Personalization

Now you can define content editor elements to be displayed to a specific audience, by assigning content to be displayed to only users that have been segmented into those marketing segments (through building up rule sets).

Leveraging personalized content provides greater opportunities to deliver relevant content to the right audience, opening up-selling and cross selling opportunities, nurturing people through the sales cycle, or helping them find the content they are after more efficiently.

Corporate Directory

Search, filter and browse the staff directory, or organizations within global site search results. Integrate with Active Directory and export results.

Organizational charts can also be automatically rendered based on a contact's manager listed within the Corporate Directory.

Document Lists

Specify which documents to display based on upload locations, how many to display and the look & feel of their display. Associate metadata, and specify access based on security groups. Search and filter documents based on keywords and numerous other criteria.

Email Marketing

Easily create, import and manage an unlimited number of mailing lists. Create HTML email campaigns (fully compliant with the Federal Government Privacy Act) and track statistics.


A complete online store package with products and catalogs, categorization, images, volume discounts, coupons, payment gateways, Australia Post integration, product rotators, related items, sales tax engine, shipping, import & export and extensive reporting.

Events Manager

A complete event management system for organizing public and private events. Supports attendance limits, credit card payments, group bookings, alerts, SMS reminders and much more.

Mailing Lists

Easily manage and define when your campaign emails will be delivered (on-off, a future date or recurring). Create HTML email campaigns (fully compliant with Federal Government Privacy Act) and track important email metrics to monitor effectiveness.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager offers centralized meeting management. Schedule meetings, display meetings in a calendar view, manage resources, upload meeting packs, assign agendas and more.

Membership/ My Account

Membership/My Account delivers a comprehensive list of features including: Full registration, permission and security capabilities, integrated approval processes, paid membership & renewal handling, member profile management, complete reporting, email marketing and event interaction. A range of customization and configuration options are applicable to these features.

Migration Toolkit

The migration toolkit enables content to be migrated and updated in bulk to an elcomCMS website. A standalone tool, it provides an administrator with the ability to pull content out of an existing website and will automatically build up the migration toolkit spreadsheets.

From there those spreadsheets which can contain information on folders, articles (and HTML content), documents and images, can be imported into an elcomCMS website, which will automatically create or update the content in that target website.

Resource Booking

An easy-to-use, meeting and resource booking tool which integrates with other calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook.

Store/ Branch Locator

Find a store location based on distance of a zip or postcode. Search result count can be limited, and results are ordered by distance. Link directly to location via Google maps integration.

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring allows authors to quickly design a Forms Creator form that will automatically publish articles from a template from the form’s values on submission, with support for approval workflow if needed. This is a great way for providing a simple, structured way for capturing repetitious style information from end users without them needing to learn article authoring.


The social module allows you to take the power of social networking into your intranet or portal, for a truly social and collaborative environment. Gain access to:

  • My Page: a Facebook-like corporate interface allowing users to invite other site members to share status updates, information and post comments.
  • Groups: both private and public, great for targeting conversations around a certain topic, project or idea.
  • User activity feeds: quickly view the activity of any user within elcomCMS.
  • Social feeds: supporting conversation threading, moderation, inline searching, people picker - allowing quick linking to a user's profile and more.
  • Rebranded, personalized space: to meet your branding and marketing requirements.
  • And more more!

Social Q & A

elcomCMS Social Q&A takes the power of crowdsourcing and makes it available for your community or intranet environment. Ask questions, view unanswered questions, share knowledge, vote for the best answers and provide a self-service environment.

Task Manager

Task Manager provides users with the ability to assign tasks, set deadlines and maintain progress. It delivers a centralized view for effective management and delivery of tasks and projects.

Training Manager

Training Manager is designed to manage the training progress and history of users. It allows sophisticated management of staff training programs with visual training pathway designers, simple staff tools, online payments for units on registration and powerful reporting.


elcomCMS utilizes RESTful based Web API. This provides a lightweight, powerful and platform agnostic way to programmatically interact with an elcomCMS website.

The foundational components of elcomCMS have APIs such as articles (and HTML content), folders, images, documents, and more.

The Web API provides greater opportunities than ever before when building on top of and extending the capabilities of elcomCMS.


Create a wiki integrated with system security, using the same easy process as creating an article. Articles can be converted to Wiki folders to allow multiple user collaboration and posting of edits.


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