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Enjoy the benefits of ePhox’s premium online rich text editor, which has been seamlessly integrated with elcomCMS. The ePhox Editor provides a host of features designed to improve the collaboration process and content quality.


  • Accessibility checking to meet regulatory standards
  • Track changes for easy collaboration
  • Quick and easy image editor
  • Clean imports from MS Word and Excel
  • Broken link management to improve content quality
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  • And more!


Word processing for the web

The ePhox Editor works just like Word – complete with drop-down menus, tool tips and a real-time thesaurus and spell checker. Cut and paste, set up lists and tables, and create hyperlinks and bookmarks on the fly.

Import from Office

Do you have content created in programs like Word or Excel? The ePhox Editor converts text, images and charts from Office programs to web-friendly formats without losing the look of your original documents.

Autosave – Never lose your work again!

The ePhox Editor is the only web content editor that automatically saves your work—even if you hit the “back” button, crash your browser, or disconnect from the internet.


Comment directly on any text or objects in any article created in elcomCMS. Your colleagues can do the same, and the ePhox Editor tracks the conversation.

Track Changes

Track document changes to speed up the revision process. Select and compare document versions, then accept or reject discrete changes within a document. 

Image & Media

Upload images and videos directly from your computer to the server. Rotate, crop, resize and re-sample with the click of a button. Effects like drop shadows, reflections and rounded corners get your images looking exactly as you want.


Format your content without learning CSS—The ePhox Editor converts your content for you. From headings and paragraph text to tables and lists, you maintain control of the look without needing to learn a new language. With the ePhox Editor, what you see is what you get.

Micro Templates

Create great looking tables, floating sections, document templates and dynamic content with the ePhox Editor Templates. You can also share reusable templates with colleagues to strengthen branding and maintain a consistent look. 

Accessibility Report

The ePhox Editor's Accessibility Checker provides a detailed analysis of accessibility errors in your content, and then points you to resources to help you resolve issues. As-You-Type accessibility checking makes meeting compliance as easy as spell-checking a document. You can even customize the ePhox Editor to check for the unique compliance requirements of your own organization. 

An Accessible Interface

Like the content it creates, the ePhox Editor’s user interface is compliant with Section 508 standards for accessibility. Icons, shortcut keys and a context-sensitive right-click menu provide alternative access to features also found on drop-down menus.

Internationalize & Localize

Thousands of people are writing content in over 130 languages with the ePhox Editor. International dictionaries include: English (US and UK), Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish. The ePhox Editor supports more than 100 different character sets, including Unicode & Right-To-Left text. Localization is automatic for all major languages according to the user's locale. Help documentation is available in 28 languages.

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