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The elcomCMS 51Degrees.mobi module provides for device specific detection and empowers websites to be able to switch layouts and content based on mobile and tablet devices.

Active Directory Connector

Seamlessly integrate elcomCMS into your Windows based network environment with out-of-the-box Active Directory support. Note: AD integration is usually only used in intranet and extranet scenarios.

Amazon AWS CDN Connector

This allows selected pages to automatically convert to static snapshots and stored for future requests. elcomCMS will then go through each static page, detect all images, stylesheets and JavaScript files and automatically push them to your CDN (Amazon AWS only) for global distribution. This enables elcomCMS to respond to requests for those pages from the static versions, bypassing the CMS engine, resulting in faster and more reliable throughput.

In V10, CDN support for the elcomCMS image and document managers has been introduced. Now specific images and documents can be pushed to a CDN enabling all requests for those assets to be delivered from their CDN location. This enables websites to deliver faster load times, as it brings assets closer to their users in geographically distributed situations. With the addition of all assets also being distributed through a CDN, this delivers a truly global, high performance content delivery experience of elcomCMS pages.

Analytics Integration

elcomCMS can be integrated with your preferred Analytics Engine, so that you can maintain your analytics data.

Box Connector

Share files and folders stored within your Box account through your elcomCMS Intranet. Collaborate on documents all from within the one view.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor users can integrate their system with elcomCMS to track results and manage subscribers. Form data can be automatically pushed into Campaign Monitor for streamlined management.

Developer API / SDK

Build your own integration processes and control the flow of data in to and out of elcomCMS. Controlled via the powerful CM Security framework and audited for later reporting, the API enables full enterprise integration capability.

Dropbox Connector

Teams can insert their Dropbox content into an elcomCMS team workspace at the click of a button. All Dropbox content is displayed including a search function to make sure the content you need is at your fingertips.

Email Connector

Powerful publishing tool designed for busy executives to very easily and quickly publish an article / page to intranet or website by sending an email to a designated mailbox. This module will automatically capture, format, and convert the email into a web / intranet page, applying the pre-set CSS / design, security, and workflow rules. Also caters for documents and images attached to the email and publishes directly into templates.

EPhox Editor

Enjoy the benefits of Ephox’s premium online rich text editor, which has been seamlessly integrated with Elcom’s elcomCMS. This easy-to-use editor has a host of features designed to make your editing an enjoyable experience with a professional outcome.

Exchange Connector

Empower staff to easily manage all events and appointments from a centralized, intranet hub. The Exchange Connector enables users be see their Exchange appointments within an elcomCMS calendar element, and also create new appointments within the elcomCMS calendar element which will automatically be pushed to Exchange. The Exchange Connector supports on premise Exchange servers as well as Office 365.

Facebook/ Twitter Connector

Publish events managed through the elcomCMS Events Manager module directly onto your Facebook page. No more needing to manually set up events in Facebook. You can also post social feeds from ‘My Page’ to your personal Facebook and/or Twitter account.

Google Drive

Access your files and folders stored with your Google Drive account with the new elcomCMS Google Drive connector.

HP TRIM Connector

Access your HP TRIM document management system directly from the elcomCMS Platform and publish links on web pages that connect to content residing in the HP TRIM document repository. Rebuilt using the industry leading FuseIT middleware, the elcomCMS TRIM Connector now supports a TRIM document element, TRIM search elements, TRIM document upload element, user security and permissions through Kerberos, and many improvements to the existing components. Currently supporting HP TRIM 7.3, this will allow organisations to further leverage and integrate in their TRIM documents management platform with their elcomCMS web content management system.


We've integrated with leading marketing automation tool, Marketo, to enable streamlined lead generation and lead nurturing. Manage landing pages and forms through the elcomCMS, synchronize user engagement and contact data into Marketo for automated campaign management. Along with being able to push form submissions as leads into Marketo and tracking a user as they interact with your website, our Marketo Connector can now synchronize Marketo’s segmentation tree with elcomCMS’s taxonomy tree. Then as Marketo segments your leads through automation workflows, this information is then synchronized back into elcomCMS automatically, so you can harness a user’s marketing segmentation profile when delivering personalized content through our content personalization module.

Mobile Engine

Deliver mobile optimised content to a variety of devices such as iPads, iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy. Target specific user agents with the same content while automatically adjusting layout and design to suit the specific device. Using responsive images, deliver images resized to suit the browser size.

Microsoft Office Connector

Allows you to browse your entire elcomCMS document library directly from the Microsoft Office environment.  You can open and edit your elcomCMS documents from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, with the ability to save changes directly to your elcomCMS site.


Manage multilingual sites with the Multilingual module. The multilingual engine provides a central area to set language type and translation for specific system fields. Language can also be set in folder attributes which will automatically add the appropriate meta language value to all articles. Article relationships provide easier management of different language versions of the same content.


OAuth is a third-party standard for web authorisation, elcomCMS provides single - sign on capability using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account. 

Objective Connector

Access your Objective document management system directly from the elcomCMS Platform and publish links on web pages that connect to content residing in the Objective document repository.


Access documentation and files stored in OneDrive. Collaborate with OneDrive. Open, edit, comment on and save documents directly in your browser with our Office 365 integration.


elcomCMS’s eShop module is now connected to PayPal for seamless payment management. A new payment type option which includes Paypal, can now be selected.

Push to Live

An extremely powerful tool that allows a complete staging/test environment to be pushed to the live site with a single button. Saves hours of time and eradicates deployment issues.


Salesforce is a market leading cloud CRM, used by thousands of organizations around the globe. The new elcomCMS Salesforce Connector provides the ability to create Salesforce web-to-lead forms directly from elcomCMS. Push leads from your website to your sales teams for immediate follow up with this great connector.


elcomCMS enables users to log into websites using their identity from services such as Active Directory Federated Services. SAML is an authentication component which allows your staff to authenticate using their corporate account even if your intranet and Active Directory are not on the same network.


Import and manage SCORM compliant eLearning packages in elcomCMS. All interactive elements found within SCORM compliant eLearning content such as next buttons, quizzes, hot-spots, drag and drop etc, will function in elcomCMS. 

SharePoint Connector

Allows you to map SharePoint content to elcomCMS folders for either automatic or manual synchronisation.  Users can publish SharePoint pages, documents and images to websites, extranets and intranets with ease, allowing them to maintain and publish content from a single location.

Skype For Business (formerly Microsoft Lync)

This allows users to display Skype For Business presence indicators in web pages and the corporate directory module.

Sugar CRM

elcomCMS offers a new connector to SugarCRM, a leading commercial open source CRM. Create web-to-lead forms directly from within elcomCMS using the SugarCRM Connector. Map fields from the CRM to publish contact details automatically from elcomCMS forms to SugarCRM.

Synergetic Connector

Enjoy seamless real-time surfacing of content and information from Synergetic into elcomCMS for rich staff, parent and student school portals. The Synergetic Connector brings a new suite of elements which enable content within Synergetic to be displayed within an elcomCMS website. Great for staff, parent and student portals, the collection of elements include timetables, student searching, my classes, my children, service records, academic reports, absences and much more.


The YouTube Connector is a powerful tool which provides the ability to pull YouTube videos into a site include its metadata such as video duration, keywords and title. The module lets you manage and use external content on your site without needing to host it, reducing cost and maintenance time. Coupled with the dynamic widgets module in the core, you can display a custom video library based on keyword metadata for your specific audience. 

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