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Whether you are are looking for an alternative to SharePoint or a tool to enhance your existing SharePoint environment, elcomCMS is the solution for you.

elcomCMS an enhancement to SharePoint

We understand that it may not always be possible to change platforms, especially when all your documentation and existing processes are tied to it. But we believe that you don't have to stay with a platform that creates more headaches than benefits, just because it's infeasible to change.

For this reason we've created the SharePoint connector to provide organizations with the ease of use and power of elcomCMS, while maintaining the data and information held on your local SharePoint system.

The connector allows you to map SharePoint content to elcomCMS folders for either automatic or manual synchronization.  Users can publish SharePoint pages, documents and images to websites, extranets and intranets with ease, allowing them to maintain and publish content from a single location.

Benefit from:

  • An enhanced front-end environment where you can specify the navigation and structure to meet your exact business requirements
  • Improved user experience for both your administrators and end-users
  • Continued use of an existing process to minimize disruption 

elcomCMS the alternative to SharePoint

For years, organizations have chosen the elcomCMS platform as an alternative to SharePoint for a number of reasons including the following:

Flexible development and design.

Many IT Managers and Developers find SharePoint constricting and frustrating when it comes to being able to specify the folder structure, site layout, navigation and user experience. elcomCMS provides the information and document management tools found in SharePoint but within a flexible environment that you can customize to your heart's content.

Cost effectiveness

The different functions of SharePoint are sold separately which can amount to significant unexpected costs. elcomCMS requires no subsequent licensing; licenses are issued per site for any number of users - making elcomCMS a more cost-effective solution.

Ongoing development

elcomCMS is Elcom's core product, meaning it receives 100% of Elcom's investment and resources. Unlike Microsoft, you may need to wait a few years for the updated version. elcomCMS receives new features and enhancements in each of its key releases each year.

Ease of Use

This is easily one of the main reasons why organizations choose elcomCMS over SharePoint, for it's ease of use. The intuitive design means it's easy to learn and use elcomCMS; the modular design means that you have access to a number of key business functions to meet your requirements; and the integrated platform provides a seamless user experience.

Contact Us to discuss your SharePoint requirements and see how we can help you.

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