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Synergetic Connector

Enjoy seamless real-time surfacing of content and information from Synergetic into elcomCMS for rich staff, parent and student school portals.

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Synergetic is a leading administration database management system used by educational institutions.  

The Synergetic Connector brings a new suite of elements, enabling content from Synergetic to be displayed within an elcomCMS portal and intranet, in real-time.


The Synergetic Connector allows you to create 3 different Portals:

Parent portal

Parents are able to:

  • view their contact details
  • view their financial information including statements and transactions
  • View details for their children, and view each of their children's students portals
  • View details of parent teacher interviews
  • find other parents in the school

Student portal

Students are able to:

  • View and update their contact details
  • View and update their contact details
  • View their daily timetable
  • View their absences
  • View their awards, demerits etc.
  • View their current and historic reports
  • View their service history, and add/edit new service details
  • View their subject selection
  • View their co-curricular activities
  • Search for a teacher
  • Check in and out of the health center

Staff portal

Staff are able to:

  • View their daily timetable
  • Search for and view a student’s details
  • View a list of their current classes
  • View student birthdays
  • View details of parent teacher interviews
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