Intranet: 12 Key Business Processes Video

Have you fully optimized your intranet to automate key business processes?

Intranet: 12 Key Business Processes Webinar Video Poll

Utilizing the tools on your intranet can transform it into a productivity machine and alleviate many frustrations caused by repetitive mundane processes. Automating processes can also reduce risk and inefficiencies while supporting the need for compliance and governance.

This video will introduce you to 12 key business processes that will put your intranet to work, increase employee engagement and enable your workforce to be more effective. Following on from this, there will be a deep dive into 6 of these business processes, looking at how your intranet can help, key benefits, example use cases and the WCMS tools to use:

  1. Connecting People
  2. Accessing Documents
  3. Authoring Content
  4. Producing Events
  5. Managing Projects
  6. Data-Driven Flows
  7. Learning and Training
  8. Managing HR
  9. Onboarding New Workers
  10. Supporting Helpdesk
  11. Customer Service
  12. Continuous Improvement

Don't delay! Watch the video for a fascinating look at how to transform your intranet into a streamlined machine. 


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