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8 signs you need a social intranet

Improve collaboration, communication and connection

Plus a fact finding guide to help you build your case

Social Intranet Guide

Did you know implementing a social intranet leads to a 30-40% reduction in email sends, less frequent checking of inbox's and consequently far less stress. 

This eBook is a lighthearted but also serious look at how you can improve collaboration, communication and connection, and foster a more efficient, happy and productive workforce with a responsive social intranet. 

The 8 signs covered in this eBook include:

  1. I’m drowning in emails
  2. Where is that #%^$@ document, I’ve looked everywhere?
  3. I’m so sick of chasing non-responsive people
  4. I’ve spent all day organising this meeting it's ridiculous!
  5. This run-around is crazy! Surely someone knows who can help?
  6. Why can’t I access everything I need from just one place?
  7. I’m on the road but all the information I need is stuck in the office
  8. They all forgot my birthday, I feel so unimportant


  • Social Intranet at a glance
  • Fact Finding – ideas for data collection to make your case

Download the Social Intranet Guide

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