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12 Key Business Processes to Unlock The Value of Your Intranet
Help employees get work done & create a high-performance culture

12 Key Business Processes to Unlock Intranet Value

A great intranet makes key processes more efficient, allows staff to complete simple tasks and helps them get work done!

And when individuals work more efficiently and effectively, organizations benefit. Productivity is increased, processes speed up, costs are reduced, risks are minimized and services are improved. Resulting in a 'win-win-win' situation for organizations, employees and managers. 

This guide outlines 12 key business processes where your intranet can truly deliver value to your organization and employees. You'll also find a handy checklist with summary information and space to add your own notes.

Key takeaways for each process covered:

  • A description of the process and some context
  • A list of the ways the intranet helps
  • Examples of typical use cases
  • A list of key benefits
  • A list of intranet capabilities used

Download the guide, improve key business processes and develop a high-performance culture!

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