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Marketer's Guide to Video Technology
Discover tools & technology to boost your video marketing ROI

Video Marketing Tools And Technology Guide

Video content is exploding in popularity, with 79% of all consumer Internet traffic predicted to be video by 2018.

If you want to reach your audience, video is no longer a platform you can overlook.

But video marketing isn’t as simple as uploading content to YouTube and Vimeo, at least not if you really want to maximize engagement and ROI.

In this guide, we explore the tools and technology you need to consider to ramp up your video marketing efforts and achieve the best results possible for your organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the key features of video platforms
  • The role of Content Delivery Networks & what it means for your organization
  • The business end of video marketing

Acknowledgement for their contribution and thanks:

  • Rachel Dixon, Author, CEO, Digital Loungeroom
  • Nick Bolton, Founder & Director, TEN ALPHAS
  • Ian Vaile, Director of Video, Australian Publishing Network, Fairfax Media
  • Matt Moran, Regional Director, thePlatform
  • Jennifer Wilson, Group Executive Director, The Project Factory
  • Mark Blair, Vice President Asia Pacific, Brightcove

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