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Please find below a list of available thought-leadership pieces. These eBooks and whitepapers have been developed by our team of business and industry subject matter experts. They have been thoroughly researched and we hope you gain a great deal of value from them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Marketing team on

There are more eBooks and whitepapers coming soon!

Intranet Health Check - Thumbnail
Intranet Health Check
Do you know how well your intranet is performing? Discover actionable insights into effectively measuring the impact of your intranet and improving performance.
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Top 12 Business Processes - Thumbnail V2
12 Key Business Processes to Unlock the Value of Your Intranet
This guide outlines 12 key business processes where your intranet can truly deliver value to your organization and employees. You'll also find a handy checklist with summary information and space to add your own notes.
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Customer Experience Guide -Thumbnail
Create a Winning Customer Experience
This guide explores what Customer Experience means for organizations and delves into important considerations to improve customer satisfaction and retention.
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Intranet Evaluation -Thumbnail
Intranet Evaluation
This guide takes you through the key elements of making a decision on buying an intranet solution. Along the way you will discover key questions to consider, tips and tricks, and an accompanying comparison framework to compare intranet solutions.
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Intranet Business Case - Thumbnail V2
6 Step Guide For a Social Intranet Business Case
This guide shows you how you can change perceptions and deliver a compelling business case to implement a successful social intranet. On the way it explores the specific steps you need to take, all the information you need to gather, and details useful tips and tricks.
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Case for Mobile eBook - Website Thumbnail
Building a Case for Mobile
If your website or intranet is not mobile responsive, your workforce is likely less productive than it could be. This short guide will help you build your case for a responsive design for your website or intranet.
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Social Intranet - Thumbnail
8 Signs You Need a Social Intranet
Discover the key signs that suggest your organisation would benefit from a social intranet to improve collaboration, communication and connection within your workplace.
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Workforce Success - Website Thumbnail
3 Driver's of Change in the Modern Workforce
We explore the trends transforming the workforce, insights to help you gain a competitive advantage and recommendations for meeting the challenges and expectations of the evolving workforce.
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Video Marketing Whitepaper Tools & Technology Thumbnail
Video Marketing Technology And Tools
Video content is exploding in popularity with reports indicating 79% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video by 2018. In this whitepaper, we explore the technology & tools you need to be aware of to ramp up your video marketing engagement & maximize ROI.
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Best Website Hosting Services Provider Guide Thumbnail
Website Hosting Services Guide
An in-depth and easy-to-understand guide to help you uncover the right hosting services provider to meet your website and organization's needs and support requirements.
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Chasing Engagement Whitepaper Part 2 Thumbnail
Chasing Engagement - Part 2
We've enlisted the expertise of industry leaders to share insights into the 5 things you need to know about data-driven marketing.
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Intranet Whitepaper
Intranet Success
Did you know 40% of intranet projects fail to achieve ROI? We delve into the 3 key considerations to improve collaboration across your organisation and ensure your intranet success and ROI.
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Guide to Key Technology Terms eBook - Thumbnail
A Guide to Key Web Technology Terms
A guide to essential web technology terms you need to know when managing a website, intranet or portal project.
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Chasing Engagement - Part 1
In today's environment, understanding how your content management system works and being involved in its development will give you a competitive edge. Discover 10 ways to improve your content marketing and distribution strategies.
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Powerfully Simple Thumbnail
Powerfully Simple CMS
In this buyers guide for websites, intranets & portals, you'll discover the key characteristics of a powerfully simple content management system (CMS).
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Mobile Web Whitepaper
Mobile Web Best Practices
A comprehensive overview of the different mobile web strategies and best practices, along with a discussion of mobile trends and the growing support for HTML5.
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