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Digital Managers

You've been asking for the technology, now here it is to help you deliver, track, manage and report on your digital campaigns.


Digital, Online and Web Managers are working with Elcom to solve their digital challenges and achieve their strategy goals through the elcomCMS. Regardless of which direction you want to take your digital strategy: campaign management, lead generation, social, mobile, digital branding or search engine marketing, we can help you.

Here are some of the ways:

Rapid rich-content development through collaboration

Building content to support your digital strategies can be one of the biggest challenges in rolling out your digital strategy. elcomCMS gives you the collaborative environment so that your business managers, subject-matter-experts and content publishers can contribute to delivering rich-content for your site and campaigns rapidly. Whichever medium: video, whitepapers, online webinars, SEM campaigns, presentations or documentation, elcomCMS will provide you with the collaborative tools.

Campaign management & lead generation

Use your website to support your digital campaigns: social, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), thought-leadership, branding, banner advertising and more. Drive traffic to your landing pages, capture contact information through forms, track user experience through analytics and drive campaign management through lead nurturing with email marketing and integration. Let elcomCMS help you streamline your campaign management and drive lead conversion rates.

Digital community creation

If your strategy is to build an online community, where members can share information, collaborate, connect and communicate, then elcomCMS can support you in this direction. elcomCMS provides the technology to supply a secure, social environment where users can sign up and join your online community. You can even give your members the power to create content such as blog posts, wikis, share documents and images to rapidly enhance the community with minimal effort. 

Mobile exposure

Provide your target audience with a mobile experience to enhance your digital strategy and campaigns. Whether it is a mobile landing page or the ability to register for events via mobile, elcomCMS will provide you with the tools to offer a professional mobile experience to expand your market exposure. The intelligent User Agent Detection technology found in the elcomCMS Mobile module provides the ability to automatically serve mobile content for specific mobile devices Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad and more; so that your mobile site will always render the way you want.

Integration with existing business applications

If you have an existing business application that you know and love, we can integrate it with elcomCMS to provide you with seamless management over your digital or online campaigns. Whether you have a marketing automation platform, document management, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing tool or video hosting platform, we can help.

What else can elcomCMS help you achieve?

Use elcomCMS to power your web sites, intranet, extranet, online store and online training portals. Learn more about elcomCMS content management solutions.

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