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30 seconds is all it takes to win or lose a contact. Don’t let your un-mobile friendly website let your entire digital experience down. Give your audience the full service 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

Elcom Mobile

Expand your online experience into mobile

Need a mobile site but not sure how to approach it? Or not sure how you will benefit from it? Organizations have been using elcomCMS's mobile solution to roll out effective mobile websites, target content specific for the web and generate new opportunities.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Enhance your user web experience

Having spent all your time and effort on your corporate site, don't let your professionalism down by having a poorly rendered mobile site. elcomCMS' mobile module makes it easy to manage and maintain both. 

Access your site from anywhere

Your customers and users will have easy access to your website anywhere through the mobile device, tablet or desktop - make it easy for them to engage with you and create opportunities.

Provide targeted and purposeful content

Provide your on-the-go customers with information that they want. Design your mobile site to provide targeted and purposeful mobile content. The intelligent user agent technology built into elcomCMS will detect the mobile device used to browse your site, whether it's an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry. 

Keep customers coming back

An effective mobile user experience will set you apart from your competitors and keep your customers coming back. 

Remove multi-site management headaches

Maintaining multiple sites simultaneously can be a content management headache. With elcomCMS authors only need to edit the content once and the platform will automatically update your mobile and website to match. Because elcomCMS separates the content from the design, predefined templates pull and populate content to your specific design. The system allows you to easily switch views to see what it will look like for each device.

Scalable to meet your requirements

Whether you are looking to run a mobile site for your website, training site, intranet or portal, elcomCMS is scalable to meet your business requirements.

What else can elcomCMS help you achieve?

Use elcomCMS to power your web sites, intranet, extranet, online store and online training portals. Learn more about elcomCMS content management solutions.

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