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Sneak Peek – elcomCMS 9 – Social Q&A

Date Posted: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 09:51
Posted By: Lee-Sia Yuen

CrowdsourcingCollaborative learning and self-service portals has been available for a number of decades through applications like forums, article commenting and wikis. These collaborative environments evolve organically and empower users to share knowledge, as well as solve problems – problems and scenarios that sometimes product or service providers don’t even come across!

According to Wikipedia, the word ‘Crowdsourcing’ was coined in 2006 and can be described as the division of labour, requests and soliciting contributions from a large group of people. Jeff Howe’s book ‘Crowdsourcing - Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business’, describes 4 primary types of crowdsourcing:

  1. Crowd Creation
  2. Crowd Voting
  3. Crowd Funding
  4. Crowd Wisdom

Crowd Creation involves asking individuals within a larger group to contribute to creating a larger project. One popular example of Crowd Creation that many of us will have come across before is www.istockphoto.com/ - a site where thousands of amateur and professional photographers contribute high quality photography, images and artwork for commercial and private use.

Crowd Voting provides the medium for communities to offer feedback and vote or rate their experiences. Trip Advisor is a popular Crowd Voting example that asks its members to vote on vacation destinations, suppliers, operators and hotels.

Crowd funding applications like Kickstarter and GoFundMe.com offer entrepreneurs, artists, project managers and others the ability to fund their projects by asking communities to contribute small amounts to obtain a monetary goal. Rewards, equity or goods may be offered in exchange for these donations or contributions to encourage support.

And finally Crowd Wisdom, the last point in Jeff Howe’s book, brings us to how elcomCMS 9 is contributing to Crowd Wisdom. Crowd Wisdom looks at harnessing the knowledge and experience of individuals in order to solve problems or answer questions. A great large scale example of this is Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Quora! People use LinkedIn to ask fellow industry professionals and group members to provide advice on strategies, tactical approaches and even purchasing suggestions; and use Quora to ask and answer questions in a collaborative community environment.

elcomCMS 9 takes the power of Crowd Wisdom and plants it directly into your intranet, website or community portal. We’re calling this new feature, ‘Social Q&A’ and we’re excited about the opportunities and possibility that it will offer your organization.

What does it do?

  • Provides employees, organizations or community members within an environment to ask questions and share knowledge.
  • elcomCMS Social Q&A organizes questions by relevant topics, to assist with locating helpful answers.
  • Users can vote answers up and down to identify best answer.
  • Users can reply to answers to refine the answer or to question a response.  
  • Users can share images and documents with their questions and answers to provide deeper context and information.

What’s makes this cool?

  • It’s secure, so your members can openly ask questions and gain answers.
  • It’s innovative, we’ve moved away from the traditional forum to provide a familiar and social way to interact and share knowledge.
  • It’s powered by the people, allow your community to service and support themselves.
  • It’s easy to use, you don’t have to write a big blog or wiki page to answer a question, answer the question as formally or informally as you want!

Thanks for reading another elcomCMS 9 Sneak Peek. We can’t wait to show you this awesome new feature live in action on the 4th of November, so watch this space! 

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