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Ephox have made an announcement that their “EditLive” editor will no longer work in the Google Chrome browser from September 2015, as they are removing support for the Java plugin. However we have noticed that the restriction causing the editor to stop working is already in effect in the latest release of Chrome, and as such elcomCMS users may notice that the editor will stop working in Chrome from today.


  1. Use another browser. EditLive will still work in IE and Firefox.
  2. Use the Telerik editor. As it is not Java based it is not affected by this restriction introduced in the Chrome browser.
  3. Up until September 2015 you can still get the editor to work in Chrome using some Chrome hacks as detailed here, however Elcom cannot guarantee or recommend this.

 You can read their formal announcement here: https://support.ephox.com/entries/92981368-Google-Chrome-Java-Support

We are currently investigating other options and will keep you posted.

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