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SYDNEY, Australia, 3 February, 2015 – The rise of the millennial workforce, remote working and the adoption of BYOD is shifting the focus back on the importance of the company intranet. 

According to Gartner research, referenced in a whitepaper just released by Elcom, companies are seeking greater engagement with employees yet are experiencing the failure of around 40% of their portal initiatives to foster adequate adoption to achieve return on investment.

While a further 10% to 15% of portal initiatives are scrapped altogether due to poor planning, inadequate budget, and a lack of understanding of  the modern user. 

The ubiquity of social media coupled with the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) means that not only is the modern employee constantly plugged into a social network but also that their expectations of how to engage with their company has been upgraded.

“In our experience working with some of Australia’s most forward thinking companies to build their intranets, those that are able to embrace social elements see greater results in collaboration, knowledge sharing and productivity,” Josh Anstey, VP Customer Solutions, Elcom. 

Elcom worked collaboratively with the Fred Hollows Foundation to design an intranet that catered not only to the changing technology demands but also to the growing trend of a geographically dispersed work force. The Fred Hollows, ‘FredNet,’ intranet project clearly revealed that the modern intranet is multi-functional and must address business goals in addition to being centred on the people of the organisation.  

 “Our intranet, FredNet, gives our people a visually stimulating, easy to use, globally accessible communication and knowledge base which makes them more efficient, effective and engaged towards our work to end avoidable blindness and improve the health of Indigenous Australians,” said Jenny Bell,  Associate Director of People and Organisational Development.

The FredNet intranet provides one central place to house and distribute the charity’s knowledge base and allow its company resources to be made accessible globally to employees working in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and in Australia.

Elcom shares best practice techniques to improve your organisations productivity in the on-demand webinar: Intranet Success Webinar: How to effectively communicate with a distributed workforce.

Link to watch the on-demand webinar: http://www.elcomcms.com/en-au/resources/on-demand-webinars/intranet-success-webinar

Link to Intranet Success Whitepaper http://www.elcomcms.com/resources/whitepapers-ebooks/intranet-success

NOTE: To make a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation please visit https://www.hollows.org.au/donate 

About Elcom
Entrepreneur John Anstey founded Elcom with the vision of developing a modular Enterprise Web Content Management platform for Intranets, Websites, Portals, Online Learning, Social, and Mobile solutions. elcomCMS is used by medium and large enterprise organizations when the timeline, risk, and costs are critical. Elcom is a Microsoft Gold Partner with many successful implementations around the world including: Hyundai, Kia, Target (Australia), Austrade, Lego Club, Volkswagen, Orica, British Paints, Emerson Power, Kaiser Permanente, Louisville Water Company, to name a few. elcomCMS is the strategic choice of digital leaders delivering measurable value to internal and external stakeholders, adding power to the sales & marketing function and bringing efficient management of information to operational functions. 
Further information can be found at www.elcomcms.com

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