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An Introduction to the Elcom Learning Management System.

As seen at Learning@Work & HR Tech this brief 7 minute video will introduce you to Elcom’s LMS/Training solution.

For organisations who are looking to keep it simple but still powerful, the Elcom LMS will support: training content creation; distribution to staff/students, from your Intranet or Website; various learning methods such as face to face, online training and tests; results/reporting, compliance training and the issue of certificates.

When you combine the Elcom LMS with elcomCMS you gain a really powerful tool that gives you many languages, multi-sites with single point of control, and secure private areas, just like you would see on an intranet or website.

Presented by Angela Sweeney, Training Product Specialist & Training Manager, this demonstration includes:

  • LMS overview
  • Online training
  • Face to face training
  • Staff progress
  • Reporting
And will also introduce you to key features and a few of our clients.

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