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Elcom is enabling the digital transformation of healthcare

In 2015, there was only one fully digital hospital in Australia and New Zealand. In comparison, the United States had 1,414. 

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with a high quality of care. However, we have been slow to adopt new technologies and processes that improve patient outcomes, while reducing operational costs.

Fortunately, it is about to catch up as the sector embarks on the journey of digital transformation.

Digital reform in Healthcare in Australia, driven by the Federal Government’s injection of $485 million for the redevelopment and operation of the national digital healthcare system, will lead to improved clinical efficiency and improved patient care.

As demand on the healthcare system increases and becomes more unaffordable, technology enables new healthcare delivery models such as eHealth initiatives and streamlining governance and reporting requirements.

Digital health is about connecting the various points of care so that health information can be shared securely.  It is equally about improving clinical efficiency and models of collaboration between health providers while improving patient outcomes.  

Elcom have assisted many healthcare organisations to improve processes and patient care through the use of our powerful Digital Transformation Platform.

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About Elcom for the Healthcare services

As a technology partner for a number of Healthcare services, Elcom is committed to a community approach to improve the Elcom platform and deliver greater value.  From one sophisticated, scalable and easy-to-use platform, Healthcare organisations are able to deploy intelligent and engaging websites, intranets and portals. Moreover, Elcom integrates with existing business applications, streamlining information management.

Elcom is trusted by Healthcare services including Cabrini Health, Western Sydney Local Health District, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District, NSW Health Pathology, SPORTSMED·SA hospital and Kaiser Permanente, to name a few.

These organisations rely on the Elcom platform to offer seamless online experiences for their community, connect internal and external stakeholders to each other and needed resources, and facilitate the efficient management of information to improve operational productivity.


The Healthcare industry needs to overcome barriers to digital transformation 

Digital transformation in healthcare will not be without it’s challenges, especially due the complexities of the industry such as:

  • Need for high levels of security, privacy and data protection
  • Legacy systems and process that need updating
  • Complex regulatory and governance requirements
  • Ability to share information across diverse and geographically dispersed multi-disciplinary care providers and patients
  • Sharing treatment protocols and standards
  • Cultural resistance from providers and patients 

Here are some of the ways Elcom can help healthcare organisations and how we can help you:

Improve communication and information to patients and your external community

A website can be a great channel for sharing information with the community and with patients.  Healthcare providers typically have a wealth of information they can share with their patients and members of the community; such information may include health advice, local support information, information about new healthcare technology. 

Through the power of Elcom you can build up a subscription list of community members and patients and send them frequent newsletters through our Email Marketing module; organize and promote events and education through your website using our Events Manager module; or share stories and key information articles and news posts. Dynamic widgets, combined with Taxonomy automatically display the latest relevant news and events on specific pages, keeping them current.

The latest medical information such as brochures and fact sheets can be stored within a health information directory, allowing staff to easily find relevant resources and provide them to patients who are waiting quickly. This improves customer service by providing your patients with information in a timely manner from a trusted provider. 

Easy for staff to manage, find and collect information

Staff across different departments can work together to easily create and manage the content on your website. Elcom has been specifically developed to provide non-technical users with the tools to create and publish quality content. The Elcom platform can be used to help roll out company projects being introduced e.g. new products, Office 365 systems and so on. A new dedicated section can easily be created, full of FAQs, support documents, forms, training schedules and other important resources, keeping staff involved and informed. 

Online forms reduce the need for wasteful paper forms,and manual data entry which can result in human error. This also enables information to be collected in the correct, standardised way. These can quickly be downloaded from a relevant pages or a frequently used forms section. For added quality, the workflow functionality allows you to apply review and approval checkpoints to ensure all content published meets regulatory and quality standards. For example, staff who provide monthly updates for research projects can choose their project from a dropdown, put in the required information and upload files. This is automatically received by the right person in the right format with the right fields.

A sophisticated online search functionality allows staff to easily find relevant information, whether it be specialist details, medical rosters or post-operative brochures.

Secure information

Providing readily available information for staff and patients and their healthcare needs comes with an important consideration for confidentiality and securing personally identifiable and sensitive information. Elcom provides online solutions that enforce security best practices. Security and user group permissions can be set up for all users. For any secure and private sections with confidential information, admin users can limit staff access. Staff requiring access also have the option of simply filling in an online form, which is automatically emailed to the appropriate person for approval or rejection.

Medical Indemnity Protection Society Case Study


“Integration was a key benefit and the dedication that the Elcom team displayed to facilitate our requirements was a major part of the solution’s success".
Lucian Burns, Manager - Information and Projects

Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) is a nonprofit organisation that provides healthcare students and professionals with support in their practise of medicine. Their website serves 40,000 members. MIPS wished to enhance their online presence through offering online courses and trainings as well as better access to information and membership details.

The Elcom team assisted MIPS by outfitting their website with a strong CMS system as well as a Training Module for core needs. Their website is now more integrated, streamlined, unified and aligned with their mission statement. The new system has enhanced security and complements the organisation’s existing systems and initiatives. Custom features like dynamic content and SMS reminders were also included as part of their healthcare technology transformation.

Read full case study  

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