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Retail in a web and technology driven environment brings with it its own challenges: increased consumer demands, speed of product and service trends, expanded competition and reduced consumer loyalty. You can get ahead with a strong online retail experience using elcomCMS.

BritishPaints Retail Website

Retail organizations are succeeding using elcomCMS to effectively communicate to their employees, customers and wider community. Manage multiple sites using a single instance of elcomCMS: website, mobile site, intranet, distributor portals, training site, eCommerce sites and benefit from having effective online presences. 

Here are some of the ways that we can help you:

Amaze your customers with a web experience to remember

Let your website help you set your organization apart from your competitors. Offer interactive product demonstrations, product galleries, video experiences and more. Provide information, advice and inspiration through pages on your site. Celebrate your brand and promote your values through your website. 

Offer outstanding customer service

Offer your customers outstanding customer service through your website. It's a cost-effective method and it means that they can help-themselves. There are a number of ways you can enhance your customer service online: provide them with a online chat tool to ask for help; allow them to search for items easily and find out more or order online; give them access to 'how to' information, tools and tips; or provide them with an easy online telephone directory to call for support.

Make your products and service available 24/7

Provide your customers with their shopping fix 24/7 through an elcomCMS eCommerce solution. Open your doors to new customers and generate new revenue opportunities and watch your business grow.

Keep them coming back

Let your customers be a part of your community by offering the opportunity to be a member. elcomCMS can support you by providing you with a secure portal where you can communicate to your customer or fan base regularly, offer them promotions, share exclusive news and more.

Enhance your offline business through mobile

Give your customers the opportunity to take your brand with them anywhere and find you any time, with an enhanced mobile experience. elcomCMS's Mobile module allows you to cater for any mobile device and our store locator module ensures that they know where you are, always.

Some of our retail clients include:

What else can elcomCMS help you achieve?

Use elcomCMS to power your web sites, intranet, extranet, online store and online training portals. Learn more about elcomCMS content management solutions.

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