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Engage and empower your teams with on demand access to relevant information


Create powerful website built specifically for your business requirements

Learning Management

Deliver, track, and administer training quickly and easily.

Elcom delivers engaging web solutions for websites, portals, intranets, digital workplaces and learning management.

Our core product is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global site deployments.

Medical Indemnity Protection Society
Geelong Grammar School
Holiday Coast Credit Union
Hyundai Australia

elcomCMS at a glance

User-friendly interface

Dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. We take great pride in being the Content Management System of choice for beginners and professionals.

Powerful modules

Extend the core platform using our many modules and connectors.  We're constantly working with our dedicated developer team to build new and exciting modules.

Image and Document management

Easily upload and manage video, audio, image galleries, email, blogs, forums and more. Supply your customers with the information they need quickly and accurately.

Design flexibility

Designers have full access to the html and CSS and can leverage JavaScript as the need arises. Designers can create new Master Pages to help non-technical users create new pages that look great on the fly.

Sophisticated workflow

A sophisticated workflow engine that can accommodate content approvals, both in-line or in parallel and reduce time and effort in processing.

Collaborative environment

Let your subject matter experts, business leaders and authors contribute to the success of your website. Allow them to create and publish content in a centralised collaborative environment.

Medical Indemnity Protection Society
Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide healthcare professionals and students with the security and support they need to practice with confidence
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