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Elcom Highlights

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Widgets are a powerful tool to help you aggregate and display sets of related content such as articles, documents and events from one or more sources across a site. You can create one widget and use it to display information across several articles. 

Design Flexibility

Designers have full access to HTML and CSS and can leverage JavaScript as the need arises. Designers can create new Master Pages to help non-technical users create new pages that look great on the fly.

Form Designer

Our Form Designer enables you to quickly build up and visualise your form by dragging and dropping fields. Users can easily create custom fields, show specific fields if the user belongs to a particular user group and much more.

Image and Document Management

Document and digital asset management is part of  the core of Elcom. Version control of documents, articles, images and other content assets are simple to administer and manage.

Social Elements

Elcom includes a rich social layer to deliver real-time status updates across the organisation. Combined with blogs and other two way communication tools, the Elcom platform enables effective workplace collaboration.

Sophisticated Workflow

A sophisticated workflow engine that can accommodate content approvals, both in-line or in parallel and reduce time and effort in processing.

Accessibility Compliance

All our base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules are AA compliant. This is beneficial for departments requiring compliance with government regulations regarding the need for accessible websites.

Developer API

Build directly on top of the Elcom platform using Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET – using either VB.NET or C#. With full access to the Elcom framework and SQL Server database tables, your in-house developers can build additional custom functionality right into your site.

Hosting Flexibility

Elcom offers a range of hosting solutions to keep your workplace connected, your clients engaged and drive leads. 

Learn more about hosting
Elcom comes standard with over 90+ base features.

Admin Interface

Responsive Admin
Our administration interface is completely responsive. This allows all the admin screens to adapt and display optimally for any screen size. Leveraging the de-facto standard Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework, our admin screens have also adopted a flatter design. This means that our admin screens now work on the device that you work on.

Accessibility Compliance
We are committed to supporting and maximising accessibility for all web users. Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 has been delivered to base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules.


Folder Explorer
Drop a feature rich folder tree element into your articles, allowing users to navigate through and manage your website’s folder structure within your front-end pages. You can manage the folder structure as well as uploading new documents and images into a selected folder. The folder explorer element will also load a document list element on the same page to display the contents of a selected folder in that document list.

Premium Content
Premium Content allows you to provide exclusive access to content to site subscribers. Non-members will receive only the title and article description, while logged in subscribers will receive the full length content.

Design and implement comprehensive audit processes for approval of content and forms. Access an unlimited number of workflow ‘baskets’ with complete parallel workflows, and the routing rules engine to adapt and branch workflows differently based on information provided in a form submission and the submitting user. Workflows can skip steps, reassign the approver or terminate early. Approvals for workflow basket steps can also be actioned by replying to the email notifications.

Create articles and pages with the built-in content editor. The intuitive Microsoft-Word like environment provides non-technical users with the ability to author content, create tables, apply styles, create hyperlinks, import multi-media assets and more.

Compare Versions
Compare Version provides users with the ability to simply select two versions and compare amendments with changes highlighted.

Content Collaboration
Group author content in a centralised and controlled environment with Elcom. Control access with article check-ins/outs. Manage control interactions with version control and roll-backs.

In-line editing
In-line editing provides users with the ability to very quickly create and update content on the fly. Simple click and edit, providing true WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get).

Most Popular Content
Most Popular Content ranks content popularity based on the number of views, article comments, usefulness and star page ratings – surfacing the best content for your user and highlighting content to improve on.

Asset Management

Dynamic Widgets
You can create and maintain one widget to aggregated content e.g. articles, documents or events, and use it to display information across several articles simply by inserting a tag within either an article or template. Add content blocks anywhere throughout your site, in templates and articles, with easily configurable feeds of dynamically generated information.
Build a library of widget templates and modify as necessary. Set up widgets to show content based on taxonomies the user has picked as preferences. Designers now have full control over html styling to customise how the dynamic widgets display their content. At the same time, users can quickly create widgets, while ensuring the look and feel is standardised and consistent.

Document Manager
Upload, store, manage and publish your documents with the Document Manager. Associate metadata and specify access based on security groups. Search and filter documents based on keywords and other criteria.

Document Upload
Document Upload is an article element that provides end users with simple front-end document upload capability. This improves end user experience by allowing them to upload without learning the backend and increases overall site flexibility allowing admins to deploy upload functions exactly where they are needed.

Taxonomy Manager
Create Taxonomy and use it to tag all content. Once the content is tagged, Dynamic Widgets and Enterprise Search can be enhanced to filter, refine and browse content based on the tags.

Team Workspace
Facilitate collaboration by enabling teams to quickly create workspaces, where they can easily participate in conversations and share documents around a topic or project. Workspaces allow teams to move work out of email threads and into centralised collaborative areas which are more efficient, searchable, and can be as open or private as needed. Users with the right permissions can create a Team Workspace for project specific communication and content. You can add a document list, calendar, news stream, RSS feeds or any Elcom module to build a specific collaborative environment.

Design and Layout

Bootstrap Front-end Support
Support for the leading and widely used Bootstrap framework allows for faster and easier development of responsive sites and Elcom themes.

Themes Engine
A theme is a collection of Masterpages, JavaScript and CSS files, images and module/site configuration packaged into a single distributable ZIP file. Bring together all the components of a theme into single place making working with a website’s layout and design more efficient. This also allows a website’s theme to be downloaded as a ZIP file, and a new theme to be easily installed from a ZIP file as well.

Carousels provide non-technical publishers with the ability to create and apply image sliders, rotating banners or carousels on to any page. Simply drag and drop images into the creator, apply heading, text and transition style you like - it's as easy as that.

Code Blocks
Code Blocks provide the ability to write and use custom front-end scripting code i.e. C# or VB and embed these Code Blocks into articles. This gives developers the flexibility and power to create dynamically generated structured content, such as custom menus and lists.

Stylesheet Library
The Stylesheet Library allows you to control, add and edit, the CSS files used on the site.

Templates are a way of applying content and other article elements to an article when it is first created. Templates are linked to a specific master page that controls its layout.

Corporate Compliance
Allows compliance with corporate standards by locking down the fonts, styles, and components of the editing toolbar.

Print to PDF
Print to PDF is a feature that lets you publish a page in PDF format and then print that page.

Security and Performance

User & Group Security
The Security section provides Administrators with the tools to manage users, groups of users and their access to site folders and functionality.

Performance Optimisations
We have a collection of performance optimisations, both under the bonnet, and features that can be utilised with your website. This includes features such as:
Browser caching
Article level output caching
Embedded article output caching
Lazy loading for elements

Persona Panel
The persona view is a new option added into the Elcom admin toolbar, which allows an author to select a specific device screen size and marketing rule set to see how the current article will look to users matching that criteria.

Local Administration
Give a power user local administration access to a subset of the site allowing them to create and manage users and groups within their section.

Admin Alerts
Admin Alerts provide regular updates on frequently changed pages to provide control and ensure quality for collaborative authoring environments.

Reports and Analytics

Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics integration comes standard with Elcom. Consolidate your Google Adwords, Webmaster and Analytics data for detailed statistics on your website and Google campaigns. 

Analytics Panel
The Elcom admin dashboard’s Google Analytics panel can pull real-time data from your site’s Google Analytics account and display rich graphs right in the admin dashboard; displaying visits, popular browsers and top locations statistics over a day, week or month period.

A range of reporting tools are available, dependent on which modules have been activated as part of the deployment. Reports can be based on mailing list subscribers, content created, event registrations, KPI’s met plus much more. Then save time by automating the process of generating and distributing reports; create scheduled reports automatically sent to other users as email attachments. Custom, purpose built reports (complete with filters) can also be created by us to cater for your specific business requirements, accessible through the standard reporting dashboard.


Add search boxes to your site. This is achieved by setting up a Search element in an article. This can then be included in a master page via the embed article control.

Real-Time Search
Real-time search is an easy way to enhance the user experience and productivity of your website, intranet or portal. When a user starts typing in the search field, results are automatically returned as they type. As the user continues to type, the results update in real-time. A ‘more results’ link offers the user the ability to view all search results on a page.

Page Connectors

Create multiple blogs, each with their own user security privileges. Manage and moderate blogs and comments, optionally restrict access via user groups and control editing of posts.

Allows simple polls to be inserted into articles, with the ability to time control the display of these polls.

Users can vote on how helpful or unhelpful articles within a site are. This will help you surface the most relevant and helpful content to your users.

RSS Reader and Publisher
Easily display external RSS feeds on your site. Publish fully configurable feeds of content to anyone with an RSS reader. Allow users to subscribe via RSS to real time content updates.

FAQ Manager
The FAQ Managers allows for simple maintenance of Frequently Asked Questions with the ability to setup sections, and then within each section specific topics. Add in a dropdown to show/hide of answers, link to specific articles for more information and more. Access to FAQs can be secured via security groups.

Online Dictionary
The Online Dictionary feature allows a user to set up a page listing any number of terms and their explanations on your site. It also allows terms to be linked so you can link similar terms or point one term to another where there may be multiple names explaining the same concept.

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