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Video marketing is a key channel for many businesses, due to the ease with which it allows companies to communicate with prospects and customers.

Utilising video with social channels has proven to be an excellent way to encourage feedback, as well as notify both new and longtime customers about product updates. 

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Here's a two main ways to connect with customers via video:

1. Customer Updates

Once you have a customer using your business, it’s up to you to keep them informed and interested in your products and/or services. One way to do that is through regular video content. Chances are they’ve already seen your video and social media accounts, so all that’s left to do is to supply them with content that appeals to their needs and wants. Whenever you have an important new product or service, create a video! People love to read about new products, but they love it even more when they can gain new information by watching a short video!

2. Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of customer retention is proper support. According to Hubshout, 86% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service. To retain customers, it’s important to provide adequate resources for communication, feedback and support. Video performs this function extremely well. By creating video in a way that customers have a personal face and voice to identify with, you can engage and ensure their continued retention.

To ensure support is held to the highest standard, include use of video alongside standard sources of customer support. Video is an excellent medium for support, allowing simple demonstrations of features and instructions.

If your services are hands-on or technical, a series of videos detailing the use of your product is a great way to improve customer satisfaction. Having a set of handy ‘how-to’ guides on your site – coupled with embedded video – is an excellent way to portray your desire to assist customers in any way possible. By utilising the article comment functions within elcomCMS, it’s also possible to stimulate discussion around these issues: if the video didn’t explain something as well as someone may have liked, they can comment and you can attempt to clarify the issue.

Comments such as these, from your social media accounts or from other video can also be used in future videos! Create small Q&A videos to address any glaring issues or popular comments from customers. This sort of interaction can show customers you care about their satisfaction, engage them and ensure continued interest!

Platforms for Video

So we know what to create, but where do we put it? As we've touched on in previous posts, there are a multitude of platforms for you to deliver your message through video. In this post we'll limit the discussion to YouTube, but the ideas will work with other platforms as well.

Provide your regular, scheduled videos through a company YouTube (or other provider) account, and promote them through social media platforms, email newsletters and general company articles/posts. Ensure consumers that are interested in your content are never too far from accessible video. With elcomCMS, it’s simple to embed a YouTube video to any of the posts or articles you’re creating – providing another avenue for your video content to reach consumers.

Attach video links in email newsletters to give a visualisation to customers of your notices – show off new tech/ideas or just keep them updated with a familiar face through video. If you’re adding any new features to your product lineup (new articles etc.), be sure to raise awareness through video included in newsletters and your regular blog posts/articles.

Also, don’t forget about social media! The inclusion of video in your social media feeds is proven to increase customer engagement, thereby fostering a stronger B2C and B2B relationship. As mentioned above, make sure to keep video included in your support sections – keep a visual and guided representation of any difficult tasks at a close reach in any relevant articles. 

Tools & Technology to Boost Your Video Marketing ROI

Video Quality

Implementing video on a regular basis sounds easy, but it’s very important to make sure the videos themselves are of good quality:

  • Keep the content relevant and useful
  • whilst making sure not to oversaturate and annoy customers with ‘too much’
  • include your brand in each video (a small brand logo may suffice, links to company articles/features where appropriate)
  • check out our previous blog post on videos for lead generation for further few tips in this area. 

Including video with articles and blog posts is recommended, since consumers are more likely to finish a video than read an entire article, and a succinct video at the end of a blog post can give customers an idea of the information without turning them off.

Utilising the annotation systems within video platforms is another aspect – linking to relevant articles or a newer product through older video (possibly a support video) is a way to generate interest.

If it’s feasible, it’s also a good idea to provide incentives for them to continue watching your videos – regular offers of free tech, raffles etc. can all be covered through video and are a more appealing call to action than text or images.

Combining these ideas in to one successful video marketing strategy can develop trust and further interest in existing customers, which in turn can lead to more purchases (on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase) and new customers through glowing recommendations.

Please share in the comments how you’ve fared after implementing regular video in customer updates and support information.

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