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elcomCMS 8 - Sneak Peak

Date Posted: Monday, 09 July 2012 11:04
Posted By: Implementation Staff

Anthony Milner Profile PictureAnthony Milner, Product Director - Elcom

elcomCMS 8 is bursting with great new features and I’ve been so excited to share them with the Elcom community. Today I’ve been given “sneak peek” approval by our marketing team to do just that… but stay tuned for the official launch webinar tomorrow on July 10.

Here is just a quick preview of some things you can find in elcomCMS 8:

Improved User Interface
We wanted to build a user interface that sat high on the ‘hierarchy of experience needs’ in other words… not only (1) functional, (2) reliable (3) usable, (4) convenient, but even (5) pleasurable and maybe (6) meaningful - ok so we’re still working on the last one (isn’t everyone?).

The first five provide you with the ability to gain access quickly, find what you need, get the job done with a high level of satisfaction. These were the benchmarks that we used to redefine the elcomCMS User Interface (UI). At the center of the redesign we have: universal navigation, updated admin toolbar and an enhanced dashboard. 

elcomCMS 8 Dashboard
Screenshot 1: New Dashboard with My Favourites view, short cuts and Recent Changes view

Inline editing (true WYSIWYG)
Most CMS’s promise a WYSIWYG experience but fall short on delivery. We’ve been working hard to ensure that the view and edit mode is a flawless experience with no visible onscreen changes.

The Social Enterprise
At Elcom we believe that a solid Web Experience Platform such as the elcomCMS should have the capacity to incorporate a continuous thread of connected conversations across the main functional pillars such as corporate intranets, portals, ecommerce and online training. To facilitate this we’ve added private and filtered groups allowing you to share information easily in public or private contexts thereby enhancing the conversation and collaboration across the enterprise. Part of this initiative provides the option to quickly create a Team Workspace to manage projects, related documentation and facilitate project communication.

elcomCMS 8 - Social 
Screenshot 2: My Page with new group functionality

Many of our users have been asking us the simple question. “Can we let our users upload documents, without giving them access to the admin upload function?” In elcomCMS 8, you can! You asked, we listened... say hello to the new Document Upload element. Administrators can ‘drag and drop’ the Document  Upload element onto anywhere in the page, set the access, save location and add metadata – easy.

We’ve also added ‘Group Calendaring’, administrators can insert a calendar anywhere in the site. This calendar can be tailored to display by day, week, month or timeline view; you can assign restrictions to add appointments or view only; appointment types can be colour coded to provide quick identification of event types; you can also filter calendars by person, department or appointment type. 

This is a powerful tool for social intranets, you can see when individuals are on leave, when social and corporate events are planned. It provides visibility and quick access to information.

Objective EDRMS Connector
If you use the Objective Electronic Documents and Records Management System we’ve now made it easy to securely publish document lists or simple links from the objective document repository to your website or Intranet.

There are dozens more features but we wanted to give you a small taste of what you can expect in
elcomCMS 8.  I look forward to walking you through a full demonstration tomorrow! 

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