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elcomCMS version 7.6 is coming!

Date Posted: Wednesday, 08 February 2012 08:14
Posted By: Implementation Staff

Anthony MilnerPosted by: Anthony Milner, Product Director

Happy New Year and welcome to what is shaping up to be an exciting year for elcomCMS. The product team have been working hard and across multiple continents to deliver the latest edition of elcomCMS, codenamed “Mariana” after the deepest location on the planet, the Mariana trench. The product team were determined to dive into the deepest trenches of the elcomCMS to improve the experience in a number of high usage areas. In addition to this, the team significantly extended the Social, Real Time Personalisation and Multi-lingual publishing features and topped this off by making it even easier for developers to write and embed code blocks directly into content pages.

Aside from the release I would also like to inform you about our new elcomCMS beta program. In an ongoing effort to improve release quality we are inviting partners and customers to be part of our beta program. The beta program will give you access to pre-release versions of the elcomCMS. To be eligible for the beta program you must have a test or staging environment and be in a position to provide us with important feedback in relation to enhancements and bug fixes. If you are interested in participating please email me anthonym@elcom.com.au

folder tree imageSome of the deeper changes in the elcomCMS have been undertaken in the replacement or updating of older interfaces such as the folder tree (pictured). You’ll now notice a smoother and more responsive interface for dragging, dropping, opening and creating content as well as improved IE9 compatibility. In addition to this we’ve updated editor controls, folder search and date selectors.

social imageThe Social module is now in its second release and with it comes support for replying, tagging, and privacy options of public, private or friends only. In addition to this we’ve added a social stream element that can be dropped into any page to support private group conversations. Our long term approach in this area will see the corporate directory profile, my account and social page come together to support a more seamless person centric interface.

Another exciting development is the additional Real Time Personalisation capability now available in the elcomCMS allowing publishers to match target keywords with search engine referrer keywords. This allows you to present content which is more closely aligned with the search query. A practical example of this may be a home page rotator that has several promotional slides and can automatically start at the slide which matches the search query.

Multilingual publishing in the elcomCMS has been made even easier by providing publishers with a dashboard view of all languague versions of a particular piece of content. Whenever changes are made to a piece of content for which several language versions exist, the system will immediately offer the publisher the option to check out all versions for updating. Additionally when creating new content the system will automatically create all language versions and check them out to the user, ready for editing.

Developers, developers, developers sayeth Steve Ballmer and so do we. In every release we endeavour to make it even easier for developers to write their own apps for the elcomCMS and Embedded Code Blocks provides another mechanism to achieve this. Developers can write front end script that calls content objects direcly from the database, looping through that content and presenting it inside the page. A good example of this is the ability to create custom menus or lists within a page or series of pages.

We hope you can trial this new edition soon and as always please contact me if you wish to discuss any product issues or future product enhancements.

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