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Gleanster Web Content Management Report

Date Posted: Tuesday, 27 January 2015 10:05
Posted By: Siv Rauv

elcomCMS Ranked #1 in Overall Value by Gleanster Industry Report

With the reliance on the internet that modern marketing requires, it’s no surprise that the development of Web Content Management (WCM) systems has flourished. WCM systems allow organizations to seize opportunities and corner markets without the need of expert in-house technical proficiency. Good WCM systems simplify the spread and accessibility of content, providing organizations and the users they target an enhanced online experience.

Reasons to Implement

There are a number of reasons to implement WCM within your business operations. Gleanster has run a comprehensive Web Content Management industry analysis with hundreds of organizations, and compiled statistics regarding the importance that ‘Top Performers’ have placed on some of the benefits to invest in WCM. You can download the Gleansight Benchmark Report on Web Content Management here.

Gleanster WCM Report 2014

The most compelling reason as highlighted by these companies was optimizing the end-user experience (reported by 88% of Top Performers). Well implemented WCM provides multiple avenues for companies to improve the end-user experience, which is incredibly important in any successful marketing strategy. Data observed from WCM can allow developers and companies to streamline the experience, thereby increasing retention and brand promotion.

They’ve also noted how WCM reduces content management costs (rated as important by 75%). WCM improves the deployment of content across multiple channels (physical, social media etc.) via workflows, download conversions and numerous APIs spanning a variety of marketing and sales tools.

Improving brand consistency goes hand-in-hand with these above benefits, as WCM usage can set standards and rules for content, ensuring larger companies - or even those looking to outsource - can remain consistent in their message to consumers.

These key benefits clearly highlight the mitigation of risk when investing in WCM – 60% of these same Top Performers have also highlighted increased online revenue and profit as one of their reasons of adoption. The tools offered by WCM allow easy access to analysis of consumer habits, allowing companies to correctly modify their practices in order to receive a satisfying ROI.

Value Drivers

Improving content quality was a common factor among the Top Performers (95% believing it is key to a good ROI), followed closely in popularity by a web presence optimized for mobile devices and personalizing content for online visitors. These key ideas are tantamount to providing a meaningful experience to consumers when utilizing WCM systems. In tandem, they foster both an improved brand image and end-user experience.


Adopting a WCM system naturally yields some challenges as your business begins to adapt to the new environment. Top Performers of 2014 have noted that dealing with customization was the toughest aspect of WCM usage (98% of them!). Whilst the need for customization should be rare thanks to the comprehensive packages offered by today's WCM distributors, if the need does arise, it is often very costly – especially in the long run, considering the increased costs of maintenance and support as a business evolves over time.

Migrating old content and integrating to best-of-breed and legacy systems was also a highlighted issue. Keeping data consistent across the variety of systems and tools used by companies as they increase in size is a naturally difficult task, but good WCM vendors will attempt to mitigate these effects.

As a key value driver, keeping content compelling, dynamic and relevant was also a major challenged faced by companies.

However, as pointed out earlier in the report, the benefits of WCM adoption clearly outweigh these challenges – Top Performers have still seen increase in profit despite tackling these naturally occurring issues.

Our Efforts

Elcom has been striving to provide such a ‘Top Performer’ experience for our clients and these efforts have been recognized in the report, which features a number of favorable reviews for elcomCMS.

Gleanster’s report has provided a number of overviews for WCM systems in the ‘vendor landscape’ section of the report, using a rating system from 0 to 5 points and under ‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ categories (bronze, silver, gold).

elcomCMS #1 in Overall Value

In the category of vendors ranked by ‘Ease of Deployment’; elcomCMS was given a 4.2/5, placing it in the ‘Better’ category. In ‘Ease of Use’ elcomCMS was placed in the ‘Best’ category. Finally, in the category ranking vendors by overall value, elcomCMS was given 4.8/5 in the ‘Best’ category, the highest overall rating out of all vendors covered. These results were derived from surveys measuring user experience, run by Gleanster. These highly positive ratings clearly distinguish elcomCMS from others in the market and highlight our ability to assist companies in overcoming the challenges faced through investment in WCM.

Gleanster WCM Vendors Overall Value
Image source: Gleanster Web Content Management 2014 Gleansight Report

For more information on how Elcom can assist you in meeting your needs on-time and on-budget, see a live demonstration.

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