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Social comes to v7.5 and we’re excited!

Date Posted: Wednesday, 21 September 2011 13:59
Posted By: Implementation Staff

Well we’ve launched v7.5 on the market today and I’m so proud to be sharing with you news of this development. In this blog post I’ve noted a few of the new features you can expect to see in this latest version. v7.5 packed with new features to make managing content even easier but our focus was driven by two main goals.

  1. Make it easier for developers to build sites
  2. Make it easier for end users to create and manage content

There are over 60 new features but in every one of them you will find that we have attempted to deliver on this promise.

Social – ‘My Page’
This exciting new social layer provides intuitive and easy to use facebook like functionality giving users the ability to publish status updates, share information, comment and invite colleagues or members to share information. We are planning to deliver a lot more social functionality to bring the great benefits of social intranet to the enterprise. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Managing External Content (a.k.a YouTube integration)

We’ve introduced the concept of indexed external content. Initially this capability can be seen via YouTube integration however in the coming release it will optionally extend to other external repositories such as Vimeo and SoundCloud. This development essentially allows authors to automatically extract and store an external objects’ metadata as an indexed asset in the elcomCMS without the need to actually store the content itself. The content can then be integrated with the elcomCMS taxonomy engine, dynamic content widgets and search to provide a quick and powerful way to mesh external content and reduce the duplication and maintenance often associated with it.

Campaign Monitor Integration
If you are a marketing or campaign manager using Campaign Monitor for email marketing then it just got a whole easier. We’ve developed an integration that lets you automatically add subscribers to a campaign using Form Creator.

Nested Masterpages
Master pages can be now nested allowing developers to create more componentized master pages providing greater flexibility and significantly reducing maintenance associated with global changes.

Front End Publishing
This feature brings publishing capability to the end user who doesn’t want to go near the backend or doesn’t have access to the backend.  This feature allows these individuals to create content in specific locations using a new button on the admin toolbar. This new feature provides a quick and simple lightbox interface for the quick addition of content.

This is a glimpse of the exciting things to come in the elcomCMS. As well as product developments in Mobile Web, Online Marketing, Intranet, Extranets and Corporate web; Social is big on the horizon. Whether your reading this as a customer, partner or interested-party, I encourage you to contact us to see a demonstration or to trial this update and consider upgrading, our team will be glad to assist you.

Lastly, a big thank you to the awesome Product team at Elcom. The product team consists of designers, developers, testers, technical writers, sys admins and marketers who make it their business to deliver the magic that culminates in a release. You guys are awesome!! Thank you.

For more information on this release please visit www.elcomcms.com

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