The Ultimate Guide to Measuring & Improving Intranet Success

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In this guide, you will discover how to:

  • Make informed decisions on improving your intranet right down to page level
  • Improve content performance and increase internal communications
  • Drive a process and culture of continuous improvement
  • Help your intranet to deliver strategic benefits to your organisation

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See What Elcom Clients Have to Say About Us

"Together with Elcom, we have created an internationally award-winning Intranet - ‘Cabinet’. From design to functionality, it has delivered a fresh new platform to engage with our staff. The support from the sales team, project managers and ongoing support desk, has been excellent."

Caroline Ritchie, Intranet Manager


"NMIT’s Intranet has been designed as a hub to bring us together to share our news, our journeys and our information. Focusing on communications and culture, Elcom created a visually appealing site with useful functional tools for our users. We are excited about the easier access to people, information and processes our intranet provides."

Amanda Bain, Intranet and Digital Workplace Manager
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)