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  • Revisiting your intranet objectives
  • What to measure and why
  • How to measure and tools you can use

A lot of time, effort, resources and brain drain goes into scoping, building, launching and maintaining an intranet. An intranet is a living space that can breathe life into even the most boring organisations. Set and forget intranets are doomed, when was the last time you checked the health of your intranet? Is there a pulse? Is it still alive and kicking goals or are you the only person looking at it due to woeful neglect?

Do you really know how well your intranet is performing? Any idea what times of day your workforce are connected and what devices they are using? Wondering how popular and useful key pieces of content are? Wish there was an easy way to track engagement and report to management?

This 30 minute webinar will cover what to measure, why and how i.e. tools you can use.


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