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The Challenge

Ascham School engaged Elcom to deliver the school's intranet project.

Ascham School is well known for its progressive thought leadership and this extends to the use of digital technologies to better service parents, students and staff. Ascham needed an intranet that would improve how we connect, communicate and collaborate across our community and enable us to respond in a timely manner with accurate and reliable information.

The team at Elcom have been very responsive and provided a collaborative environment in which our immediate goals were achieved and additional functionality continues to develop. An integral part of this has been their responsiveness to our specific requirements and their flexibility with the product roadmap. Jennifer Sharman, Director Information Technology
Ascham School


The Solution

Prior experience using the Elcom platform for our website and knowing that they would pull out all stops to assist us with the implementation and custom development were key factors in choosing Elcom. The Hub was co-created by design agency, Scribble and Think, Elcom and our own development team.

One of the areas Elcom proved most valuable was the integration with the Synergetic platform, enabling us to pull and make visible data to quickly check absences, parent permissions, medical and other critical information. Seamless access to 3rd party solutions and our helpdesk system, which enables us to present a self-service model with single sign-on, were other areas in which Elcom provided valuable support.

The Hub was launched and adoption was immediate, resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies for everyone. Admin are able to personalize the view for parents and students and send notices in an instance. Parents and students can now see their own calendar of activities and easily submit forms. Everyone can rely on the knowledge that the content on the Hub is always the most up-to-date version.

The Benefits

  • Highly connected community
    The transparency of information with the ability to personalise what parents and students see, self-service tools to interact with staff and content, instant gratification and knowledge to organise along with time saved, has resulted in a high rate of adoption and a highly connected community.
  • Easy access to relevant & accurate information
    With relevant information at their finger tips, the ability to fill out information only once and use many times, convenience of forms for parents, easy publishing tools for staff, reliance, transparency and accuracy of information, means everyone can focus more on the students.
  • Reduced email and increase efficiency
    Significant reduction in the use of email and document attachments ensures greater productivity and efficiencies as the community looks first to The Hub for reliable, up-to-date information.



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