The Challenge

We needed a new design and rebuild of our council website, a mobile site and templates to send e-newsletters. Our site looked tired and uploading content was time consuming so no one wanted to do it. We needed an easy way for people to be able to own and manage the content relevant to their team.

A mobile site was becoming critical for our constituents because we knew that about one-fifth of all searches on our website were being done on mobile devices.

We also needed a simple and consistent way to send e-newsletters and merge our events calendars with Councillors’ diaries.

With one-fifth of website searches from mobile devices, we knew it was time for a redesign that was mobile friendly and reduced administration duplication. Jessica Prochazkova, Web Coordinator
Inner West Council

The Solution

We designed the initial site architecture ourselves and handed it over to Elcom to develop. A lot of care was taken by the team with the final design and navigation to ensure we got exactly what we wanted.

The mobile site was extremely basic to begin with – display our top 20 pages as mobile content.

It has worked incredibly well and we are now looking to finish off the rest of the site.

The guys were really practical with their suggestions and did their best to accommodate our requests – even the fly-by-night, unorthodox ones. We were all really impressed by how smoothly the process went.

The Benefits

As a result of implementing Elcom, the Council experienced the following business benefits:
  • Made our jobs easier
    Our site content is constantly being updated. People are responsible for their own sections of the site and automated reminders help to ensure people remember to update information.
    Staff used to hate uploading content but now we can make basic changes in literally five seconds. It’s like editing a word document.
  • Automate event - diary sync
    Everyone can post their own events (up to 100 per month) and create forms to run consultations. Despite running on different systems, Councillor diaries are linked to events so we don’t have to enter the information twice.
  • Save time
    Online registrations save a lot of administration time. Our next step will be to offer an online payment option.
  • Increased customer engagement
    Knowing our constituents are mostly tech-savvy, we have been able to use our site to better engage with people and provide an improved all-round service. It’s win-win.
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