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Foster knowledge-transfer and information sharing through a collaborative environment. Elcom provides team workspaces and easy-to-use content authoring tools, so teams can work together in a digital environment to accomplish projects.

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Contribute to build an information rich environment

Providing individuals with the power to share knowledge is a powerful way to rapidly build a information rich environment. With Elcom you can provide users with the permissions to create wiki posts, articles, blogs, post documents, video, image galleries and more, for a content rich social environment.

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Build connections between individuals and teams

Social media allows you to build connections with individuals that you don't have day-to-day contact with and those who you work closely with. It's a great way to build connections and turn individuals into teams. Elcom provides the tools to invite users to become connections, search for individuals by different attributes such as expertise, department and job title and look for contact details via the corporate directory.

Enhance corporate culture

Visibility over information and the ability to connect with others in an organisation, regardless of geography, is a powerful way to boost corporate culture and create a sense of unity within an organisation. Using Elcom's collaboration platform to build your social intranet or portal will facilitate this enhanced culture.

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