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The best CMS to build your digital workplace

Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing through an easy-to-use intranet solution. With over 90+ base features including dynamic widgets, social elements, document management, enterprise search, sophisticated workflows, security groups and more, you have all the features at your disposal to create a centralised hub that meets everyone's needs.

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Improve corporate culture

For large organisations or organisations with a distributed workforce, maintaining a sense of corporate culture can be difficult. With the Elcom intranet CMS, you can feature stories focused on employees, highlight company, department and employee initiatives and successes, promote company events, disseminate company values and information, encourage user generated content and feedback, and much more.

Centralised access to information

Provide your team members with centralised access to information that is delivered in an easy-to-use and searchable manner. You can even provide personalised views of information for each department or subsidiary organisations. Search based on taxonomy, keywords or pre-defined search queries. 

Take collaboration to another level

Make it easy for your audience to communicate and work faster and better together - all within a secure environment. Use forums to encourage discussions, corporate directories linked to social profiles to help staff quickly find the right person, team workspaces to facilitate collaboration around a topic or project and more. 

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Rich social elements to facilitate communication

The Elcom Intranet CMS includes a rich social layer to deliver real-time status updates across your organisation. Foster social interactions in your organisation with blogs, social Q&A, social profiles, social feeds, project management tools and more.

Designed for non-technical users

Elcom has been specifically designed so that non-technical users can get off the ground with the system and start building the content; while technical users such as developers can design and develop custom areas of your site that give you that competitive advantage. Elcom is easy to use and easy to set up.

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Really easy publishing

Empower anyone you choose to quickly and easily manage content, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Inline Editing is the process of editing items directly in the front end view, rather than navigating to the backend. The original web page remains intact, but the elements on the page become editable. This allows users to remain in your original context while editing the content.

Sophisticated workflow processes

The sophisticated workflow engine provides both serial and parallel workflow processes. Audit processes for approval of content and forms across the intranet are provided, along with comprehensive branching capabilities.

Simple digital asset management

Document and digital asset management is at the core of Elcom. Version control of documents, articles, images and other content assets is simple to administer and manage. Even style sheets and menus are version controlled. Document libraries allow powerful search and filtering based on numerous criteria, with security trimming that ensures viewing and editing privileges are maintained.

Ascham Portal Solution


Scalable and Modular

Our modular approach means you can keep adding new intranet software features, modules and connectors as your needs change and grow. 

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Seamless integration

Integrating your intranet CMS with existing corporate environments is crucial for implementation success. Elcom provides native integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, HP Trim and many other systems. Elcom integration connectors enable a minimum duplication of assets, and easily traceable document changes.

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Create a customised and personalised experience

No two Elcom intranet solutions are the same - each intranet is completely customised to your specific needs and requirements. You are not limited to existing features and modules, the Elcom development team can also custom develop unique features specific to your organisation .

Have as many sites as you want

Run as many websites, portals and intranets as you want off a single installation of the Elcom platform. This means that you can manage all users and content in one place, saving you administration time and money. If you want to have micro-sites or sites for subsidiary brands or companies, Elcom will manage it all easily.

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We are trusted by over 1000 organisations across a range of industries. No matter what your Intranet goals are, now and in the future, the Elcom intranet CMS has you covered.


The team at Elcom have been deploying intranets for over 20+ years for a range of organisations. Learn more about our web design and development process.

Intranet CMS Evaluation Guide

 Get a detailed step-by-step process to effectively evaluate intranet software. Includes a comprehensive framework to help you get started!

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