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Manage multiple training types effectively

Whether you are looking to provide induction, soft-skills, sales, marketing and product, policy and document, IT, classroom-based, on the job, CPD or eLearning training, the Elcom Learning Management System provides you with the functionality to manage different training types. 

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SCORM Compliant

The Elcom Learning Management System is SCORM compliant which means you can purchase third party SCORM training packages and simply drop them into the system.

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Induction and onboarding of staff 

Create personalised induction or orientation courses to introduce the job and your organisation to new employees. 
Create onboarding courses to communicate and teach the knowledge, skills and behaviors expected within your workplace. Ensure new employees feel welcome in your workplace business and are prepared for their new job.

Deliver personalised learning for individuals

Each individual will have their own unique set of training requirements. Elcom allows you to automatically deliver training to these individuals using the training plan functionality. Especially tailored for large companies spread over multiple locations (e.g. car dealerships, retail franchises). 

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Apply assessments to measure training success

You can test competency and measure the success of your training programs through the use of Elcom's Surveys and Quiz features. You can create surveys and quizzes and apply them to points along the training plan.

Create eLearning in a collaborative environment

As well as managing training, Elcom allows you to create eLearning content within the system. Workflows ensure the proper review and approval process are performed before the training is rolled-out.

Manage training resource

Managing resource allocation across different training programs can be difficult, particularly if you have a large organisation or a large number of training programs. Easily manage training resources, such as training rooms, demonstration kits, trainers and more through the Elcom Learning Management System.

Manage your digital workplace from one platform

Training your internal and external stakeholders to use separate platforms is often challenging, particularly for those who are not technically savvy. Elcom makes it easier for everyone by offering an all-in-one platform to manage as many learning management, website, portal and intranet deployments as you need - integrated with your key business systems. This also means you can manage all users and content on one platform, saving you administration time and money.

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Manage online payments

Online payments have never been easier. Manage training course payments online for each unit you offer. Moreover, you can create training units and set pricing required as part of the registration process.


We are trusted by over 1000 organisations across a range of industries. No matter what your LMS requirements are, now and in the future, the Elcom Learning Management System has you covered.


The team at Elcom have been deploying LMS, intranet, portal and website solutions for over 20+ years for a range of organisations. Learn more about our web design and development process.

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