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Scalable to meet your growing requirements

Elcom is a modular platform, so when your portal requirements grow, simply add additional modules. For example, you may want to start training your partners through your portal, or start sharing policy and procedural documentation through the portal.

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Effective content creation

Individuals within a portal such as business leaders, team leaders, content publishers and subject-matter experts can contribute and create content within your portal in a controlled environment. The intuitive design of Elcom, makes it easy for non-technical and technical users to get up and running. Workflows ensure all approval and review processes are in place to maintain quality standards. 

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Central access to information

A cohesive network is a successful network. Securely share information between partners, distributors, customers, investors, residents and other external stakeholders. Provide them with centralised access to information, anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of Elcom to improve your delivery of information to your wider communities.

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Social environment to facilitate communication

Elcom provide social networking tools to facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. Users are able to invite people to become connections and share news, updates and information through micro-blogging, blogs, wikis, forums and more.

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Easy multi-portal management

Elcom provides easy multi-site management, meaning that you can run any number of portals on one installation of Elcom. For example you may have supplier portals for each of your brands, or portals for each of your customer types. Elcom makes it easy to share information across the sites, reducing administration time, and manages permissions to enhance security.

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