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Scalable to meet your growing requirements

The Elcom Portal CMS is a modular platform; when your requirements grow, simply add additional modules, and your portal software grows with you. From training your partners through your portal to managing complex events online, Elcom has you covered. 

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Effective content creation

Individuals within a portal such as business leaders, team leaders, content publishers and subject-matter experts can contribute and create content within your portal in a controlled environment. The intuitive design of Elcom, makes it easy for non-technical and technical users to get up and running. Workflows ensure all approval and review processes are in place to maintain quality standards. 

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Really easy publishing

Empower anyone you choose to quickly and easily manage content on your portal CMS, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Inline Editing is the process of editing items directly in the front end view, rather than navigating to the backend. The original web page remains intact, but the elements on the page become editable. This allows you to remain in your original context while editing the content.

Central access to information

A cohesive network is a successful network. Securely share information between partners, distributors, customers, investors, residents and other external stakeholders. Provide them with centralised access to information, anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of Elcom to improve your delivery of information to your wider communities.

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Social environment to facilitate communication

Elcom provide social networking tools to facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. Users are able to invite people to become connections and share news, updates and information through micro-blogging, blogs, wikis, forums and more.

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One Stop Shop Through Seamless Integrations

Turn your portal into a self-service hub that offers all the information your stakeholders need by integrating with existing business systems. Whether you're a school looking to display student medical data from your school management system or a car dealer looking to surface sales data for dealerships in different states, Elcom's Portal CMS has you covered. 

Easy multi-portal management

Run as many portals, intranets and websites as you want off a single installation of the Elcom platform. This means that you can manage all users and content in one place, saving you administration time and money. For example, you might have supplier portals for each of your brands, or portals for each of your customer types. Elcom makes it easy to share information across the sites, reducing administration time, and manages permissions to enhance security.

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We are trusted by over 1000 organisations across a range of industries. Elcom has experience creating all kinds of portal solutions - dealer portals, supplier portals, medical portals, member portals, customer portals, community portals, intranet portals; the list goes on. No matter what your requirements are, now and in the future, Elcom's Portal CMS has you covered.


The team at Elcom have been deploying portals for over 20+ years for a range of organisations. Learn more about our web design and development process.

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